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Meet the Staff

Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine Staff at Skyline College is responsible for establishing a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for prevention and care of athletic injuries to the student-athlete. The Sports Medicine Staff is committed to providing exceptional services to the student-athlete with a highly qualified staff which includes 2 certified athletic trainers, team physician, team orthopedic surgeons and a variety of health care professionals.

Jose Bonilla

Athletics Staff

Joseph Morello, Jr. (Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Division Office Skyline

Jan Fosberg (Professor and Head Women's Badminton Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Women's Badminton Skyline

Dino Nomicos (Professor and Head Baseball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Baseball Skyline

Kevin Corsiglia (Associate Professor and Head Women's Soccer Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Women's Soccer Skyline

Justin Piergrossi (Assistant Professor and Head Men's Basketball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Basketball Skyline

James Haddon (Instructor and Head Wrestling Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Wrestling Skyline

Gabe Saucedo (Head Men's Soccer Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Men's Soccer Skyline

Jose Bonilla (Head Athletic Trainer)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Kinesiology|Athletics Skyline
(650) 738-4289

Anthony Brunicardi (Instructional Aide II and Assistant Baseball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Fitness Skyline

Christopher Watters (Head Women's Basketball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Basketball Skyline

Eddy Harris (Assistant Men's Basketball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Basketball Skyline

Rayannah Salahuddin (Head Women's Volleyball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Women's Volleyball Skyline

Alexandria Hatzistratis (Division Assistant)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Division Office Skyline
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