Disability Resource Center’s Guiding Your Path to Success (GPS) supports incoming students as they navigate the transition from high school into college.

Incoming high school students participating in DRC’s GPS can expect:

  • Registration support and Priority Registration – DRC staff will be on hand to provide assistance on the first day of registration. Join us at the DRC for food, use of computers and printers for registration, access to academic counseling, and technical registration support.
  • Welcome Day – The DRC hosts a half day of programming prior to the start of the Fall semester to ensure that incoming students have everything they need for smooth start to their first semester at Skyline College. Students will have the opportunity to check out technology equipment, receive accommodation letters, learn some tips for a successful semester start, meet other incoming students, and connect with DRC staff. Counseling, Assistive Technology, and Learning Disability support will be available throughout the day.
  • Executive function support – one-on-one appointments with DRC staff to keep students on track academically
  • Dinner and a Chat – group events throughout the first academic year for socializing and sharing experiences
  • Technology – Chromebooks, SmartPens, and calculators dedicated specifically for this group.

Join DRC’s GPS by attending either a DRC Open House or have your high school counselor schedule a DRC Experience.

Note on Priority Enrollment Program

DRC is no longer offering a traditional Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) Day that includes orientation and assessment. Incoming high school students are encouraged to connect with their high school counselors or transition specialists to learn about PEP activities on their high school campuses or attend a general PEP Day event at Skyline College.

If you have questions or would like more information about DRC’s GPS Program, please contact (650) 738-4280 or skydrc@smccd.edu