English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes are designed for students who want to improve their written and spoken English skills.

The ESOL department provides:

Fall 2020 ESOL Program

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ESOL Course Sequence

Please Note: ESOL level placement is determined by an assessment completed after the Skyline College admissions process.

  • Level 3

    ESOL 830 Grammar, Reading & Writing

    Strongly recommended: ESOL 853 Listening/Speaking

  • Level 4

    ESOL 840 Grammar, Reading & Writing

    Strongly recommended: ESOL 854 Listening/Speaking

  • Level 5

    ESOL 400 Composition & College Reading

    Strongly recommended: ESOL 875 Grammer & Editing

Additional Courses Outside of the ESOL Sequence:

ESOL 872*, 873*, and 874* - Leveled supplemental grammar classes for Levels 3, and 4. *These grammar classes can build skills to succeed in other classes.