Industry-Recognized Certificates and Certifications

Earning industry-recognized credentials is a principal goal of Skyline’s solar and energy efficiency programs. Successfully achieving credentials from these organizations signifies having basic and advanced competencies that highlight valuable skills for prospective employers. It is well documented that the credentialing of employees leads to higher levels of retention, better quality products and services, and higher rates of customer satisfaction, conversion, and return. Managers and business owners will benefit from earning credentials for these same reasons.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) offers solar certificates and certifications for PV installation, solar sales, solar thermal, and small wind. The entry-level certificate provides new entrants to the field and experienced workers from other fields the opportunity to transition into solar-related roles in construction and energy sectors. Advanced certifications in PV Technical Solar Sales and PV Installer require professional experience in the field for eligibility.

NABCEP LogoWorkers interested in entering energy and construction industries will find NABCEP valuable. People working as PV installers, crew leads, project and program managers, general and specialty contractors, roofers, and tradespeople will find NABCEP a valuable addition to their skills and certifications. See our Jobs page for examples of a few of these occupations.


Building Performance Institute (BPI) offers several services, one of which is certifying professionals in energy efficiency-related skills. The organization emphasizes a whole building approach to energy efficiency, meaning that their standards specify assessing and upgrading buildings BPI Logowith products and services for multiple systems and equipment—HVAC, envelope, insulation. The Building Analyst (BPI-BA) certification is a valuable foundation for work in residential construction. The Envelope Specialist certification reflects advanced skills with managing the building shell and is a close relative of BPI-BA. The organization certifies in Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Multifamily.



Workers interested in entering energy and construction industries will benefit from earning BPI credentials. Energy auditor, retrofit technician, crew lead, construction manager, general and specialty contractors, program and project managers are all occupations that can make valuable use of BPI certification. See our Jobs page for examples of a few of these occupations.

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