Skyline College Honors Transfer ...your path to enhanced educational and transfer opportunities.

This program is a member of TAP: the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program


Honors students are in high demand at prestigious institutions such as Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, and many other universities in and beyond California. Our Honors Transfer Program (HTP) has transfer agreements with 14 universities in and beyond California. Among the benefits of completing the program are:

    • Recognition as "Honors Program Graduate" at graduation
    • Priority consideration for admission of upper division junior transfers
    • Special academic counseling and a strong support network
    • Scholarship opportunities
honors transfer students
  • Enriched curriculum
  • Exceptional instructors
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Stimulating and creative environment
  • Smaller classes
  • Leadership and community service opportunities
  • Recognition of academic excellence by transfer universities

While the Honors Transfer Program cannot guarantee your transfer to a particular university, it can significantly enhance your prospects for successful transfer and for obtaining special honors scholarships.Special transfer counseling is available to all students enrolled in the program.

HTP Counseling

The Honors Transfer Program currently has two designated honors counselors:

Joyce Lee and Suzanne Poma
Room 1213,
738-4263 or 738-4317.

Honors Program students may contact them for an appointment.

Mission of the Honors Transfer Program

The Honors Transfer Program establishes an intellectual community among students and faculty for the most academically capable students, providing challenging course work, small classes, academic enrichment activities, leadership development, personalized academic counseling, recognition of scholarly accomplishments, and support in the transfer process.

Contact us to find out about our next Orientation meeting (attendance is recommended but not required):

John Ulloa,
Honors Program Coordinator,
Building 4, room 4-242

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