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 Leonor Marquez

Click on the links below to watch video segments from an April 2012 interview by Rosely May Marquez with Leonor Marquez,
who came to America because her husband was part of the United States Armed forces.


 Leonor Marquez on her wedding day J



Table of Contents:
1. Background Information
2. Pre-motivation

3. Life in the Philippines

4. Settling to the U.S

5. Final Words

Segment 1
Background information
Leonor talks about her birth and childhood. Life before WWII.

 Leonor Marquez speaking at a parent teacher convention in the Philippines




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Segment 2
Leonor talks about life during the war, which will eventually lead to the explanation as to why she migrated to the US



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Segment 3
Life in the Philippines
Leonor talks about her job and education in the Philippines. Her job helped her family.

Leonor Marquez at her wedding, with her new husband Filomeno.



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Segment 4
Settling to the U.S
Leonor talks about leaving her the Philippines and missing her home.



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Segment 5

Final Words (2:21)
Leonor addresses the similarities and differences between her life in the U.S and her life back home.

 Leonor with her husband Filomeno Marquez


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