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The Bachelor's Degree

Please Note: The degree has been reviewed and modified to be in alignment with state, regional accreditation (ACCJC), and professional industry standards, additional upper division units have been added to the curriculum.  The added curriculum has been selected based on industry and educational outcomes.  Here is a quick synopsis of the changes:

  • 8 units of upper division major course work in the areas of neonatal and pediatrics, sleep medicine, and leadership and management
  • 6 units of upper division general education (GE) in areas of human relations, and intersectionality and citizenship
  • Required upper division general education coursework has been selected to allow for double counting within the required lower division GE helping students who may have identified gaps in those areas

Below are listed the courses you need to take to complete your degree or certificate program. Requirements below should be used as a guide only. Current students should consult with the Counseling Department for their specific requirements based on their catalog rights.

Bachelor's Degree in Respiratory Care – Skyline College

Minimum Credits Required: 120.0

Completion of 120 semester units including 45 semester units of general education course work in alignment with the California State University General Education (CSU-GE) Breadth requirements and 75 major semester units in Respiratory Care.

  • Completion of lower division major coursework (or equivalent) to Skyline College CoARC accredited Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Respiratory Care: (48.5 units)
    • Please note: Coursework completed at another educational institution will need to be evaluated for equivalency
  • General Education Requirements:
    • Lower division semester unit pattern (30 units)
      • Area A – English Language Communication and Critical Thinking
      • Area B – Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning
      • Area C – Arts and Humanities
      • Area D – Social Sciences
      • Area E – Lifelong Learning
  • Upper division Major Coursework in Respiratory Care (26.5 units):
    • Advanced Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Advanced Respiratory Case Management (3 units)
    • Principals of Health Education (3 units)
    • Health Care Research Design and Methodology (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Leadership and Management I (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Leadership and Management II (3 units)
    • Advanced Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Capstone Project (2.5 units)
  • Upper Division General Education (15 units):
    • Medical Ethics (3 units)
    • Public Health Policy (3 units)
    • Communication in Health Care (3 units)
    • Multicultural Human Relations (3 units)
    • Intersectionality and Citizenship (3 units)


Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

View Gainful Employment Disclosure Information, which contains key gainful employment outcomes for graduates from Skyline’s certificate programs, including estimates of the costs of tuition, books and supplies, and fees; average student loan debt; and normal time to completion of the certificate.