Past Shows

Spark of Creation Dance Studios "Holiday Showcase"

California Classical BalletEvery year in December, Spark of Creation Dance Studios presents a "Holiday Show" to showcase thier performers talent and christmas spirit at the same time.  Mixed in with the traditional christmas music there is always a Pacific Island/Hip-hop fusion that makes Spark of Creation a one of a kind performing arts school.

Spark of Creation Presents: "Mulan Jr."

State of the artESpark of Creation Dance Studio's Managing Director has always had a "flair" for musical theater.  Recently, the company had begun a foray into the classical "Broadway production" format, with costumes, props, and of course, scenery to give thier younger students a chance to show of their performing arts skills as well as thier vocal and dance talents.  Thier first production of this nature was the popular disney movie turned live performance "Mulan Jr."

Spark of Creation Dance Studios "Summer Recital"

summer recitalThe Dancers at Spark of Creation work hard every year so that they can showcase their talents in a full scale summer recital.  As is the tradition, there is more to a S.O.C. recital than just dance, as their students show off their singing skills as well.

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