2017 Badminton Team Roster

NameYearLast SchoolMajor


Head Coach: Jan Fosberg       Assistant Coaches: Casey Pinetti, Kat Reyes

Player Bios

Tasha Michelle Reliquias
High School: St. Louis Anne College, Philippines
Nickname: Tasha
Major: Nursing (undecided)
Career goals: Graduate from college

Diep La
High School: Tran Huu Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nickname: Debbie
Major: Computer Science
Transfer: San Francisco State University, Fall 2017
Career goals: Computer Programmer

Maria Consuelo Caspillan
High School: Westmoor High School
Major: Nursing
Transfer to either San Francisco State, San Jose State or Eastbay by 2017
Career goals: Registered Nurse

Rachel Lum
High school: George Washington High School, San Francisco
Major: Mathematics
Transfer to: UCLA, UCI, or UCB
Career goal: Math teacher

Fiona Lai
High school: Oceana HS
Major: Kinesiology
Undecided transfer
Career goal: Physical Therapist

Zarinah Garcia
High school: Westmoor HS
Major: Kinesiology
Transfer: SFSU
Career goal: Physical Therapy

Carla Montanes
High school: El Camino HS
Nickname: Carla/Rianne
Major: Psychology
Transfer: UW
Career goal: Psychologist

Karen Lai
High school: Wallenberg HS
Major: Respiratory Care
Transfer: UCB
Career goal: Respiratory Therapist

Viviana Tran
High school: South San Francisco High School
Nickname: Vivi
Major: Bioengineering
Transfer: UC Berkeley
Career goal: Medical Doctor


Assistant coaches:

Casey Spinetti
Degrees from: California State University, Bakersfield
Skyline College
BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management
Badminton Career:
Casey joins the Skyline coaching staff for her first season.
In 2007 Casey started playing badminton at Skyline College. That season Casey and her
partner Maggie Ho made it to the California State Semi-Final Round in Doubles. Casey
was named the team MVP for the 2007 season. Casey's sophomore season was the
year Skyline Badminton team won the Coast Conference Title sending them to the
California State Championship against San Diego City College.
In 2012 Casey started coaching the Taylor Middle School Badminton team in
Millbrae. The sport of badminton gained popularity by 2014 and was expanded to two
middle school teams and one elementary school team.


Kathleen “Kat” Reyes- Played at El Camino High School for all four years - 2 years girls
doubles and 2 years playing singles. She also played 2 years at Skyline College. Her first
time coaching, she’s excited to see the girls progress and to bond with them over the
next few months. The one thing she always looked forward to for the season was
bonding with the team during long drives and overnight trips. “There's nothing like that
connection you create with your team. It's also fun getting the opportunity to create
friendships with the girls from other teams!” Kat is currently studying music at CSM and
Skyline College.