Important Context for All Senate Meetings

The Academic Senate is a public governing body that is bound to the Brown Act, which governs the operation of open meetings. The Brown Act stipulates that agendas of all open meetings be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting. This list contains links to information on the Brown Act and to other important information:

Spring 2018


Draft Minutes   Minutes Materials Reports
May 17, 2018   May 17, 2018       ASSC Resolution  
BOT Proposed Calendar  
DPCG Approved Board Policies  
EEOC District Programs  
Election Results  
Strategic Goal Initiatives
DAS End of Year Report  
May 3, 2018   May 3, 2018        May 3, 2018   Implementation Timeline Frontline  
Mission Vision Values  
Strategic Plan - Campus Input  
Saucedo Third Year Committee  

President's Report  
Timeline for Implementing Professional Development Software  
Strategic Priorities and Initiatives

April 19, 2018   April 19, 2018     April 19, 2018  

President's Report  
Call for Nominations  


April 5, 2018    April 5, 2018     April 5, 2018  

Info Sheet for Divisions (.docx) (.pdf  )
Institute for Equity in Staff Hiring  
Meta Majors at Skyline College  
NOVA Guided Pathway State Plan  
Resolutions on Equity from CSM and Cañada  
Sustainability Plan  
Public Comment
     Letter from 8th Grader  
     Letter from Slicton  


March 15, 2018     March 15, 2018     March 15, 2018   Board Policy 6.04 Min Class Size  
Final Draft of Bylaws Proposal  
Meyer Award Nomination Request  
Spring Plenary Scholarship Application  
     (.docx) (.pdf)  
RSS Diversity Award Announcement  
Skyline AS Report Form and Example
AS Agenda Item Request   

      From and Example  

March 1, 2018   March 1, 2018      March 1, 2018   Final Draft AS Revised ByLaws  
Board Policy 6.04 Min Class Size
February 15, 2018    February 15, 2018      February 15, 2018   Guided Pathways Announcement  
Proposed Revisions in AS Meetings  
Citizenship Town Hall Flyer  
Spring 2018 Plenary  
NCORE Delegate Application  
Guided Pathways Survey  

February 1, 2018           Joint Scholarship Language Revision  
Student Equity and Support Program Initiatives
Express Shuttle Letter of Support  
CPR Transfer Resolution  

January 18, 2018    January 18, 2018      January 18, 2018  

Diversity Grant Project EEOC  
CSM Equity Resolution  
Money Saved from Adoption of CANVAS  
Plenary Report  
Proposed 2017 Constitutional Bylaws  
Student Diversity Conference  
Strong Workforce Program Infographic  
Incentive Funding Metrics  


Fall 2017


Draft Minutes   Minutes Materials
December 7, 2017   December 7, 2017     December 7, 2017  

Board Policy 3.05 Designation of Faculty  
Board Policy 6.90 Community Education  
District Participatory Gov. Council Report  
Equity Training Series Flyer  
Exemplary Award Honorable Mention  
Representative Senate
     Power Point Presentation
Resolution on Equity (Final)  

November 16, 2017
     Revised 11/15/17  
     Original 11/13/17  
November 16, 2017      November 16, 2017  

Accreditation Steering Committee and Writing Team  
Approval from Faculty Senate for Co-chairs  
Equity Training Series Flyer  
Representative Senate Proposal
Sample AS Request for Agenda Item  
VPI Fall 2017 Search Timeline  
Selected Resolutions from Fall 2017 Plenary  
     All Adopted Resolutions  
Request for Agenda Item Form
     Norco College Form  
     Skyline Proof of Concept  
Counseling Division Tenure Track Committees  
Hayward Award
     Award Letter  
     Application (.docx) (.pdf)  
     Submission Requirements  

October 19, 2017   October 19, 2017     October 19, 2017  

9.01 Faculty Purview for Meta Majors  
10.02 Apprenticeship Faculty Min Quals  
13.01 Role of Senate in Developing Guided Pathways  
17.02 Low and Zero Textbook Costs  
Self Assessment  
Resolution on Equity  
DAS OER Zero Degree  
Faculty Diversity Internship Program  
     FDIP Application   (Updated 10/25/17)
Guided Pathways Liaison  
Integrated Plan  
Respiratory Care Accreditation Highlights  
     RC Program Annual Report  
BTM Learning Communities
Integrated Plan Highlights  

October 5, 2017   October 5, 2017     October 5, 2017  

2017-18 District Final Budget  
Accreditation Timeline  
SPARC PowerPoint
DPCG Report 10/02/17  
Resolution on Skyline Faculty and Staff Equity  
Resolution on Media Servers   
SMT Tenure Review Committees  
Naming Metamajors/Clusters
Empty Bowls Flier  

September 21, 2017   September 21, 2017     September 21, 2017  

2017-2018 Compendium of Committees  
BEPP Tenure Committees  
DAS Statement  
Guided Pathways Liason  
NoviSurvey Responses  
Resolution MediaServer  
Sky Fac Staff Equity Recommendations  
Skyline Academic Integrity Honesty Policy  
Tradepal CCC-DAS Presentation  

September 7, 2017   September 7, 2017     September 7, 2017    
August 17, 2017   August 17, 2017     August 17, 2017     Len Herzstein AS Resolution