Important Context for All Senate Meetings

The Academic Senate is a public governing body that is bound to the Brown Act, which governs the operation of open meetings. The Brown Act stipulates that agendas of all open meetings be posted 72 hours in advance of the meeting. This list contains links to information on the Brown Act and to other important information:

Spring 2020


 Draft Minutes  Minutes Materials  Reports


 AS05072020 Minute Draft    AS05072020 Minutes  

EquityScholar Handout  

 Report to Skyline College AS from PWG

 Letter of Support for LSP   SMCCCD_GOL_SenatePresentation_Spring2020



 AS04232020 Minutes Draft   AS04232020 Minutes  

Minimum Quals and Equivalency policy

Comments can be made here for MQE policy above 

Draft_Professional Development Policies

Faculty Discussion of COVID 19 Concerns

Draft Resolution on Emergency Remote Teaching and Implications for Teaching Online  

AS Presentation on CARES 4-23-2020



 AS04162020 Minute Draft    AS04162020 Minutes  

Division Senator pre-election planning for effective leadership  

Emails from AS president about the election

 AS03192020    03192020 AS Minutes Draft    AS 03192020 Minutes  

Draft_Professional Development Policies

Election 2020 information

By-Laws V9

03052020 AS    03052020 AS Minutes Draft    03052020AS minutes   

 ByLaws V8

SPARC"CPR Redesign Work Group"  

Skyline College Class Cancellation Procedure  

AS 11072019 Minutes  

Collegial Consultation Task Force  

 02202020 AS    AS 02202020 Minutes Draft    AS02202020 Minutes  

ByLaws V7

Skyline College Class Cancellation Procedure  

Draft Collegial Consultation Taskforce  

02062020 AS    AS02062020 Minutes Draft    AS 02062020 Minutes  

BYLAWS Presentation  


Black History Month Learning Commons Events  

Celebrating Black History Month and Natural Hair  


 01162020 AS    01162020 MinutesDraft   01162020 Minutes   

 Skyline CCC GP SOAA S20V1

Symposium Invitation 2020  


Fall 2019


Draft Minutes Minutes Materials Reports


 12052019 Minutes Draft    12052019 Minutes  

Skyline College AS Resolution Admin Evals  

SEA Annual Report Presentation

Town Hall Follow up  

DE Peer Review Taskforce  



 11212019 Minutes Draft    11212019 Minutes  


District Hunger Program Proposal  



 11072019 Minutes Draft    11072019 Minutes  


SI-EPA Application Final

FTEF Committee Recommendation 



 10172019 Minutes Draft    10172019 Minutes  

 Ad-Hoc Committees  


 10032019    10032019 Minutes Draft  10032019 Minutes  

Updated Compendium 19-20  


SPARC Scenarios for FY20


Ad-Hoc committee Structure update  

09192019  Minutes Draft 09192019  Minutes09192019  

Compendium 19-20  


Tenure-Track Committee 2019-2020

Addendum to Tenture-Track committee

Skyline President Screening Committee  

Questions for ChairGoodman  

Faculty_Senate_Resolution_Flexible Scheduling  

Letter to AS and BOT  

Ad-Hoc Committee Structure  

09052019  Minutes Draft 09052019  Minutes 09052019  Student-Ready Resolution Draft  
08152019  Minutes Draft 081519  Minutes 081519  GLPS Division AS 081519