Compendium Definitions (04/31/2021)

Existing Definitions

Committee types for the Compendium of Committees:

Council: an elected or appointed advisory group.

Committee: a body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, or report on in some manner.

Task Force: a short-term, non-governance group.

Operational Working Group: a non-governance group that carries out an operational task.

New Definitions

Committee types for the Compendium of Committees, for recommendation to CGC:

Constituent Committee: a governance body composed of representatives from the four constituent groups (Academic Senate, Associate Students SC, Classified Senate, Management Council), delegated by CGC to consider, investigate, recommend, or report on College-wide matters. 

Senate/Council:  an elected, appointed, or ex-officio governance body that recommends, advocates for and addresses matters of interest to their members in alignment with the College M-V-V. (CGC, Academic Senate, ASSC, Classified Senate, Management Council, Executive Council)

Standing Committee:  a sub-committee of a Senate or Council created to focus on specific matters.

Operational Work Group: a non-governance group created and led by the President or a VP (or designee) that carries out an ongoing function or institutional need.

Task Group: a short-term group created and charged by a Constituent Committee or Council/Senate, that carries out a specific task. Task Group members are approved by constituent groups. (Task Groups are not listed in the Compendium.)