DRAFT Minutes for March 4, 2021


  • Quorum was reached at 21/23 voting minutes present.
  • Members who were not in attendance are indicated by (not present).

Voting Members

Executive Officers

    • President: Leigh Anne Shaw - votes in ties
    • Vice President: Jesse Raskin
    • Secretary: Kim Saccio-Kent
    • Treasurer: Rika Yonemura-Fabian
    • Past President: Kate Williams Browne - non-voting


    • Pia Walawalkar - Fall 2020
    • Ame Maloney - Spring 2021
    • Dick Claire (not present)
    • Filipp Gleyser
    • Jacqueline Escobar
    • Alberto Santellan
    • Jessica Truglio
Language Arts:
    • Lindsey Ayotte
    • Jarrod Feiner
    • Vincent Chandler
    • Dino Nomicos - Fall 2020 (not present)
    • Kevin Corsiglia - Spring 2021
    • Amir Esfahani
    • Jennifer Merrill
    • Jude Navari
    • Carina Anttila-Suarez (not present)
    • Younga Choi
    • Maryam Khan
    • Cassidy Ryan-White
CTE Liaison
    • Cassidy Ryan-White
Part-Time Faculty
    • Pablo Ramirez
    • Tim Rottenberg
    • Sujatha (Suji) Venkataraman (not present)
Non-voting Members

Governance Committee Chairs

    • Curriculum: Jessica Hurless
    • Educational Policy: Jacqueline Escobar
    • Professional Personnel: Bianca Rowden-Quince (not present)

Advisory Members

    • AFT: Marianne Kaletzky (not present)
    • ASSC: Thomas Gower (not present)
    • Classified Senate: Marisa Thigpen (not present), Flor Lopez (not present)
    • PD/CTTL: Nicole Porter
    • SEEED: Nathan Jones (not present)
    • Guided Pathways: Ernesto Hernandez
    • OER: Ame Maloney
  • Minn Thurein Naung
  • Danni Redding Lapuz
  • Chikiko Walker
  • Luis Escobar
  • Ryan Samn
  • Karen Wong
  • Alvin Gubatina
  • Mandy Lucas
  • Andrea Vizenor
  • Dr. Newin Orante

1.0 Opening Procedures

1.1 Call to Order

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 1


1.2 Adoption of Agenda

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 1


  • Rottenburg moved to insert an emergency item into the agenda (“Resolution to Support Students from
    Myanmar”); Yonemura-Fabian seconded. Passed by unanimous vote.
  • Yonemura-Fabian advises that Item 2.3 should be an Information item.
  • Amended agenda adopted by unanimous vote.

1.3 Adoption of Minutes

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 1

Notes: Minutes approved without changes.

1.4 Consent Agenda

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 0


Approval of faculty to serve on Counseling screening committee

  • Melanie Espinueva (COUN Faculty), Chair
  • Alberto Santellan (COUN Faculty)
  • Beverly Muse (Discipline Expert)
  • Michelle Batista (Director of Student Support)
  • Luis Escobar (Dean of Counseling)

Approval of faculty to serve on Geography screening committee

  • John Ulloa (HIST/ANTH Faculty), Chair
  • Susan Mahoney (GEOL/GEOG Faculty – Cañada College), Discipline Expert
  • James Wong (HIST Faculty, previously taught GEOG)
  • Carlos Colombetti (PHIL Faculty)
  • Danni Redding Lapuz (Dean)

1.5 Public Comment

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 3

Notes: District Academic Senate is in process of revising its bylaws. It will come to Senate for comments at the
next meeting. Dr. Porter brought to attention call for presenters April 22 Flex Day.


2.0 New Senate Business

2.1a  Resolution to Support Students from Myanmar

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Yonemura-Fabian, Naung, and Samn


Notes:  Read the Resolution of Support for SMCCCD Students Affected by the Coup in Myanmar here.
Rottenburg moved to adopt / Raskin seconded. Passed unanimously.

2.1 Institutional Effectiveness Committee – Program Review Update (PRU)

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter:  Wong

Time:  20

Notes: Annual Program Review has now been replaced by Program Review Updates; cycles have been expanded from six to seven years for CPR and from one to two for PRU. Senate representatives are invited to review draft PRU templatess and add their input by March 15. Links to drafts on Google Docs: Instructional Program Review Update, SLSS Program Review Update. First PRUs won’t be due till November 2021 – see Program Review website for CPR / PRU schedules.

2.2  Spring 2021 Elections for Fall 2021

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter:  Browne and Shaw

Time: 10

Notes: Please share Call to Action for nominations for Skyline College Academic Senate executive officers. Call
for candidates closes April 14.

2.3  Approval of the use of the AS dues for scholarship

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Yonemura-Fabian

Time:  5

Notes: Current balance senate dues: $2,119. Collected this year: $1,530. Carryover: $589. Treasurer proposes $1,000 donated to SMCCD Scholarship Foundation, $900 for student textbook rentals. If we do have an end-ofyear party and/or Meyer Award plaque, would earmark $200 for that use. This will be voted on at next meeting. Discussion re increase in allotment for textbook rentals from $500 to $900 included clarification that Kevin Chak / Bookstore Manager has observed that textbook rentals and printed OER materials are in higher demand than in previous years. Maloney shared that results from current student OER survey support this high demand

2.4 OER Resolution

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter:  Maloney

Time:  10

Notes: See Skyline College Academic Senate resolution here. Maloney gave an overview of the progress made in OER adoption at Skyline College since 2016 (when resolution was made). Provided US PRIG Survey on college textbook affordability during COVID-19. Reminder: Summer priority registration date is 4/21; Fall priority reg date is 5/5. Note: More than 200 courses have been converted to ZTC. There is a meeting planned for OER Liaison and Ed Policy next week to see how OER adoption can be further supported at Skyline College.

2.5  Career Education and Workforce Development

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Ryan and Vizenor

Time: 20

Notes:  Presentation on current demand for training, conversation around how to bring back hard-to-convert CTE courses and how to update curriculum to support students in post-COVID job market. Engagement and planning sessions planned: “Career and Coffee” sessions coming up March 19, April 16, and May 14 (all 10-11am). Short-Term Workforce Training Planning Meeting: March 24, 12-1pm.

2.6 Welcome to VPSS Dr. Newin Orante

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter: Shaw and Orante

Time:  25

Notes: Introductions all around. Dr. Orante shared observations after two weeks in the role of VPSS. Q&A: What
is your vision of collaboration with faculty? Dr. Orante plans to work on convergence between instruction and
student support – increasing opportunities for dialogue, building collective co-creation for vision and planning.
Focus on measuring outcomes and quantifying results – need to assess and evaluate equity work to measure
effectiveness and allot resources appropriately. Co-create priorities with instruction. President Shaw advised
Senate that she and VP have monthly meetings with VPI and VPSS; Senate is conduit for questions and concerns.


3.0 Standing Agenda Items

3.1 President’s Report

Procedure     |     Information     |     Discussion     |     Action

Presenter(s): Shaw

Time: 5

Notes: See President’s Report document on Google Docs. Key items: New Chief HR officer, Cheng Yu Hou, has
shared proactive policies that should support greater equity in hiring. Please review new SMCCD faculty portal in
advance of Richard Rojas’ visit in next meeting, share link to portal with constituents. Please share infographic
on Senate elections provided in Item 2.2 with constituents. Please solicit feedback on the Participatory
Governance structure and committee definitions proposed by the Participatory Governance Task Force and
presented by Ingrid Vargas at the February 18, 2021 meeting. Called for assistance with elections to work with
Kate Browne; Jessica Truglio volunteered. Need faculty coordinators for meta majors (will come with reassigned
time). See “Senators need to help recruit” section in President’s Report document – need four senate
representatives to work with meta majors deans to recruit coordinators. Alberto Santellan volunteered for
Society & Education (Redding-Lapuz); Cassidy Ryan-White volunteered for Business, Entrepreneurship, and
Management (Kane); Jessica Hurless for Arts, Language, & Communication (Gibson); Maryam Khan for Science,
Technology and Health (Grandy).


4.0 Announcement and Closing Procedures

4.1. Announcements

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 1

Notes:   no announcements

4.2. Motion to Adjourn

Presenter: Shaw

Time: 0

Notes: voted to adjourn, unanimous.

Next meeting will be March 18, 2021.

Academic and Professional Matters, AB 1725 “10 + 1”

  1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
  2. Degree and certificate requirements
  3. Grading policies
  4. Educational program development
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
  6. District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities
  9. Processes for program review
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development
  11. Other academic and professional matters as are mutually agreed upon between the governing board and the academic senate