The College Budget Committee(CBC) became apart of the Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC). Please visit SPARC page for the furthermore update for CBC.


The Skyline College Budget Committee is the primary budget recommendation group for the College, thereby establishing recommendations to the College administration on College budgetary matters. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the revenues and expenditures of the College.

Members of the College Budget Committee (CBC) include the following: the Vice Presidents of the College, one dean from instruction and one dean from student services, the Academic Senate President, two faculty members from each college division, including student services, appointed by the Academic Senate, three classified staff appointed by the Classified Council, and two students appointed by the ASSC.

The Director of Business Services and the Academic Senate President shall serve as co-chairs. The College President, College Director of Business Services and the Dean of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness will serve as resource persons to the Committee.

Meetings are held on the second and last Thursday of the month during the academic year. Additional and/or extended meetings are held during budget deliberations.

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