Making education hyper-relevant.

The Center for Innovative Practices through Hip Hop Education & Research (CIPHER) is a hip hop and social justice community that seeks to foster leadership development and creativity both in and out of the classroom. CIPHER strives to reach youth and students through hip hop music, tying their education with topics that are relevant and interesting to their generation.

What does CIPHER do?

  • Provides youth and students direct linkages to programs and services at Skyline College such as the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP), Urban Music Academy, Career Center, Urban Youth Society Hip Hop Club, and the SparkPoint Center.
  • Provides the community with educational and cultural events such as Hip Hop film screenings, live performances, and guest lecture series.
  • Hosts the annual Rock the School Bells conference, a one-day event aimed to empower and educate youth and students about the importance of higher education and career exploration through a culture that resonates with them.
  • Provides educational and professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff such as:
    • Learning about current Hip Hop pedagogies and best practices 
    • Attending and/or presenting at local, national, and world Hip Hop conferences
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