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Friday August 11, 2023

I Belong at Skyline

We are very excited to invite you join us for Skyline College’s Adjunct Faculty Teaching & Learning Symposium |I Belong where we will continue to advance Skyline College’s mission “to empower and transform a global community of learners.” This year’s theme, I Belong at Skyline, will feature programming and learning opportunities that support exploring our connection to our college, our pedagogy, and our community at large. We look forward to another great symposium and being in community with you.

NEW REGISTRATION LINK (click here for Google Form:  some folks having issues with VRC)

Breakfast starts at 8:30 AM and sessions run from  9:00 AM - 2:30 PM.

Note: This year’s symposium will take place in person in Bldg 6. 

For more information, contact John Ulloa, Professional Development Coordinator


All adjuncts who attend and participate in the Adjunct Symposium are eligible to be paid for their time. Adjuncts will submit timesheets for six (6) hours at their applicable individual special rate to be processed by the CTTL. Not sure about your special rate? Review the Adjunct Special salary schedule updated in June 2022.  

How to Register


Please click this Google Form link for a one-stop RSVP.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to John Ulloa at

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Register via the Vision Resource Center (VRC) to get credit on your transcript.  Choose the sessions you plan to attend.   It is only one link to register and you can choose your breakout sessions the day of the event.  

  1. In a new tab or browser window, log into the SMCCCD Portal with your SMCCCD credentials and click the Vision Resource Center tile. (Do not skip Step 1)
  2. On the Schedule page, review the list of workshops and select ONE workshop for each Block.
  3. Click the "Register" button once to open the calendar of events for the Adjunct Symposium.
  4. When you click on the "Register" button, you will be directed to the VRC page with a calendar of events for the Adjunct Symposium (you may have to sign into the SMCCD portal if you skipped Step 1- use the same login as your email).
  5. Select each workshop your wish to attend, including meals. Choose the red "Request" button for each workshop.
  6. After you register for each workshop, you should receive a confirmation email from the Vision Resource Center with an Outlook invitation for that time. If you don't see the confirmation in your inbox, check your Junk folder. You can also look at your VRC Transcript to verify which workshops you have added.
  7. If you change your mind and want to select a different workshop, that's totally fine. Just go to your Transcript in the VRC and, next to the workshop you no longer wish to attend, just select "Withdraw."
  8. You can find all the room numbers here on the Schedule page on the day of the event or before.
  9. Need an ADA accommodation? Email in advance with any details.
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Updated Registration Instructions!

Updated Registration link is here.  There has been a technical issue with the VRC, please fill out this simple google form instead.


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Belonging at Skyline College

Skyline College places great value in developing the skills and talents of its faculty and staff. We believe that well-prepared and well-equipped faculty are essential for Skyline College to meet the challenges of providing high quality instruction and promoting student success in a rapidly evolving educational environment. In coordination with the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL), the Skyline College Adjunct Symposium aims to provide you with knowledge, skills, and tools to foster success in the online, hybrid, and F2F classroom, while also sharing with you best practices for teaching and helping students accomplish their educational goals.

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Breakfast | 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM


Breakfast and Networking

Enjoy a light breakfast, connect with colleagues, and pick up some swag!  Please register so we have enough food and caffeinated beverages😃.

Welcome and Introductions | 9:00 - 9:10 AM

Welcome and Introductions

Newin Orante and Vinicio Lopez

Building 6, Fireside Dining |

Meet our new acting President, Newin Orante.

Keynote | 9:10 - 10:30 AM

Keynote: I Belong at Skyline Workshop Part I

Dr. Dionne Clabaugh, V.P. Coherent Educational Solutions

Building 6 Fireside Dining | 9:10 - 10:30 AM

Join Dr. Dionne Clabaugh for an interactive experience around belonging. The objectives of the session are: 1. Describe Skyline adjunct faculty’s experience of belonging in the Skyline community 2. Learn strategies to increase their belonging at Skyline outside the classroom Dionne Clabaugh, EdD, is a Human Development specialist who designs engaging curriculum and professional development environments for deep learning and far transfer. For 40 years she’s taught across the lifespan in education, music, scouting, and parenting from ECE through college. After teaching in higher education for 28 years, Dr. Dionne consults and authors curriculum for UPK, K-12, college, and faculty mentoring to meets learner needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Her degrees in Music Therapy, Organization Development, EdD in Learning & Instruction (Univ of San Francisco), and diploma in Social Innovation (Univ for Peace, Costa Rica) yield an interdisciplinary approach to human development through educational innovation.

Break and Transition | 10:30 AM - 10:40 AM

Morning Breakout Sessions 1 | 10:40 - 11:30 AM

What's the Brain Got to Do with It? Exploring Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

Dr. Chris Collins and Dr. Bianca Rowden-Quince, CTTL

Building 6 Room 203 | 10:40 - 11:30 AM

Creating a learning environment grounded in Culturally Responsive Teaching practices is more than feelings, vibes, and corny expressions. In fact, it is social and cognitive neuroscience that builds students’ brain power by improving informational process skills. Research shows that culturally responsive teaching increases student engagement, cultivates critical thinking and problem solving skills, and ultimately improves a students’ sense of belonging in the classroom. In this professional learning opportunity participants will explore the science and discover strategies to build a class grounded in culturally responsive pedagogy.

From Part-Time to Full-Time: Making the Most of a Job Search

Chris Gibson, Dean of Language Arts

Building 6 Room 202 | 10:40 - 11:30 AM

As we enter into a new academic year, now is the time to start looking ahead and preparing to make yourself a strong candidate for a full-time position. After being on multiple screening committees and attending numerous professional development opportunities on job searches, I want to share the lessons I've learned with our part-time faculty colleagues. This workshop will help part-time faculty think through the entire job search process from before the job opening is announced to the application and then the first and second-level interviews.

Getting to Know Sparkpoint

Chad Thompson and Sparkpoint Team

Building 6 Room 205 | 10:40 - 11:30 AM

SparkPoint is a financial capability and resource program designed to support students and community members as they attempt to reach their financial, educational and life goals. SparkPoint contributes to Skyline College’s mission by empowering students through financial capability services, and by increasing college access for the community through basic needs services. This presentation will review the keynote services that SparkPoint offers, the impact that they can have on our students, and the process for streamline referrals.

Break and Transition Time | 11:30 - 11:40 AM

Morning Breakouts Session 2 | 11:40 - 12:30 PM

Canvas Open Lab/Instructional Design Consults

Andrea Fuentes

Building 6 Room 206 | 11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

Come to CTTL for help with Canvas or to set up a course review with instructional designer Andrea Fuentes. Learn some tips and tricks to easily set up your Canvas course shell. Bring your laptop!

Exploring Our Cultural Wealth

Allen O'Campo and Dr. O'KenZoe Selassie-Okpe

Building 6 Room 204 | 11:40 - 12:30

The purpose of this workshop is to (1) explore our connections to our campus, our pedagogy, and our community at large; (2) to humanize one another through reflection, acknowledgement, and application; and (3) to ground ourselves in a narrative where new and seasoned folks can co-create a sense of belonging.

CARES Workshop

Judy Martinez

Building 6 Room 205 | 11:40 - 12:30 PM

Learn about the Skyline College CARE request form that is designed as a resource for students, faculty, and staff to share concerns they have about students who may be in distress in class, on campus, or online. We will share what CARES is, when to use it, and what happens when you submit a report.

a healthy salad

Scavenger Hunt

Join us in for a delicious catered lunch from Tastebuds.  We will have vegan and vegetarian options available and scavenger hunt for awesome prizes that support teaching & learning and bit of Skyline Spirit. 

Lunch will take place in Bldg 6 Fireside Dining

Be sure to register for lunch so we can ensure that there is plenty of enough food.

Afternoon: Closing Keynote | 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM

Closing Keynote

Dr. Dionne Clabaugh

Building 6 |

Wrap up and reflect on Belonging at Skyline as Dr. Dionne leads us through interactive experiences around our community.


Updated Registration Instructions

We apologize for the problems folks experienced with the VRC form. Please use the Google Form below to give us a headcount for meals and sessions.  If you have any questions, please reach out to


Primary Contact

John Ulloa is our Professional Development Coordinator:

Or, contact the CTTL at