The Field

The study of literary texts underscores the richness of the human experience and challenges students to critically explore and appreciate the diversity of cultures and ideas that surround them. English and Literature call upon critical thinking, close reading, and interpretation of literary texts to more effectively and persuasively express our own ideas through written and verbal communications.

To succeed in English and Literature, students will need to employ strong analytical skills in order to critically interact with literary texts. They will also need to develop their reading and writing skills and use persuasive language to convincingly argue their unique points of view.

The English and Literature Program at Skyline College

The English Program at Skyline College provides students with the skills they need to read, write and think critically and express their ideas clearly, creatively and persuasively. We offer an Associate of Arts degree in English that can help to create a clear path for transfer to a four-year institution.

Skyline College also offers Literature courses for students looking to deepen their understanding of literary traditions and their relevant contexts. Literature students will expand their knowledge of literary texts by exploring the motivations and creative processes of a variety of English-language writers.

Career Outlook

Studying English and Literature provides a foundation of communication, writing and critical thinking skills essential in almost any career from the sciences or finance to marketing or public relations.

A degree in English can be a gateway to a variety of career trajectories including journalism, advertising, education, marketing, communications, sales, web content development, technical writing and much more. Salary ranges for jobs within these trajectories vary greatly. Reporters and Correspondents in California make an average of $49,170 per year according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Technical Writers in California make an average of $84,060 per year.