What is Only Fog @ Skyline?

Only Fog @ Skyline is a collaboration project by Skyline College faculty, student leaders/volunteers and San Francisco Community Health Center. Our mission is to adopt a campus policy that removes all the existing nine smoking areas on campus in order to make the college completely tobacco/vape free by March 2022. We believe it is time for the Skyline College to update its campus policy for a healthier educational environment, particularly when students and employees are coming back to campus after the pandemic and we need a healthier air more than ever.

Tobacco is a social justice issue...

Why does Only Fog @ Skyline focus on tobacco? That is because we believe that tobacco is a social justice issue, not only a public health issue. The use of tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths among socially marginalized populations. Amongst the priority populations designated by the California Tobacco Control Program are racial-ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, people in rural environments, people with mental health challenges, members of the military and veterans, and people with low socioeconomic status. These groups are the majority of the student populations that Skyline College serves, too.

Did you know...
  • Among the LGBTQ+ population, the use of tobacco and alcohol are about 1.5 times higher than the cis-straight counterpart
  • According to the American Cancer Society, smoking kills 30,000+ LGBTQ+ people a year (American Cancer Society)
  • In the U.S., people living below the poverty level and people with lower levels of educational attainment have higher rates of cigarette smoking than the general population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Racially minoritized communities are targeted by Tobacco industries (A TOBACCOFREE CA Project)

Want to learn more? Check out this educational video created by Only Fog @ Skyline. The video has easy to grasp information on the intersection of race, sexuality and income with tobacco use in the Bay Area.

Skyline is rated D!

According to the report published by California Youth Advocacy Network   in June 2020, Skyline College is rated D for allowing nine designated smoking areas on campus, and this smoking policy has not changed in the last 11 years. Currently, we are behind in the smoking policies compared to other higher education campuses. Over the past decade, both the UC system and

CSU system implemented 100% smoke and tobacco-free policies. In San Francisco Bay area, the majority of community college campuses have 100% smoke and tobacco-free policies. It is time to update our smoking policies for a more equitable campus for everyone.

Resources for quitting smoking

Contact us

We give presentations and workshops in class, student clubs. Please email to have us over! We are always looking for volunteers for our events. If you want to be part of our team, please let any of us know.

Rika Yonemura -Fabian (Sociology/Social Justice Studies faculty): fabianr@smccd.edu

Mark Heringer (San Francisco Community Health Center): mdmheringer@gmail.com

Dr. Cheryl Johnson (Dean of Student Equity and Support Programs): johnsoncheryl@smccd.edu