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Arts, Languages & Communication

Is Arts Languages & Communication for you?

Creativity and communication are your strengths. You enjoy connecting with people through language – written, verbal or both – and you like reaching out to bring people together. You express yourself freely, whether it’s through language, art, film, theater or media and you know that art, in every form, is one of the best ways to explore new ideas and points of view.
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Degree Type
Cosmetology AS
Cosmetology CA
Cosmetology Entrepreneurship CA
Esthetics CA
Digital Film-making
Basic Digital Filmmaking CA
Interdisciplinary Studies
Arts and Humanities AA
Letters and Science AA
English AA
English for Transfer AA-T
Spanish AA
Spanish for Transfer AA-T
Media Arts:
Communication Studies AA
Communication Studies for Transfer AA-T
Journalism AA
Journalism CA
Journalism for Transfer AA-T
Performing Arts:
Dance AA
Music AA
Music for Transfer AA-T
Visual Art:
Art AA
Art History for Transfer AA-T
Studio Arts for Transfer AA-T
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