AA-T Degree in Music

  • Recommended for students pursuing careers in music and music-related fields.
  • Provides coursework for seamless transfer into a baccalaureate degree program as a music major.
  • Provides comprehensive preparation for upper-division coursework.
  • Prepares students to demonstrate transfer-level proficiency in solo and ensemble performance skills as well as music theory/musicianship skills.
  • Includes private instruction on an instrument (or voice) and participation in a music performance ensemble.

In order to complete the AA-T Degree in Music in four semesters, students need to enroll in MUS. 105 (Music Theory I), MUS. 111 (Musicianship I), and the .1 level of a Performing Ensemble course in the Fall semester. (MUS. 105 and MUS. 111 are not offered in the Spring semester.)

Enrollment in these 3 courses will qualify a student with college-level performance skills to enroll in MUS. 501, private instruction on an instrument (or voice).

MUS. 105 and MUS. 111 require basic music reading skills and therefore have a prerequisite of an introductory music course (MUS. 100, 301, 355, 377, 401, or equivalent) that introduces basic music notation. Students who already play an instrument (or sing) may have sufficient music reading skills to enroll directly in MUS. 105/111 without having taken the prerequisite course.

In order to lift the enrollment block on MUS. 105/111, students must pass a short quiz (20 multiple choice questions) demonstrating prerequisite skills necessary for success in these classes.

Step One: Fill out a Prerequisite Challenge Form.

Step Two: Contact Music professor Jude Navari and schedule the prerequisite quiz demonstrating basic music reading skills.

Step Three: Bring completed Prerequisite Challenge Form to quiz meeting. After passing quiz, the Prerequisite Challenge Form will be processed by the Social Science/Creative Arts Division Office. 

Step Four: Once the paperwork has been processed, the enrollment block will the lifted. Students will then need to enroll in MUS. 105/111 through WebSmart.

AA Degree in Music

The AA degree in Music is an introductory degree that provides technical and artistic foundations to students discovering the field of music. This degree can serve as preparation for additional music studies or degrees (such as the AA-T in Music). 

  • Includes basic courses in reading and writing music.
  • Introduces beginning performance skills through class instruction on an instrument (or voice) and as part of a music ensemble.
  • Provides students with an introductory understanding of the roles and functions of music in society through studies in the aesthetic and historical traditions of various music cultures.