Logging in to Skyline College Improve (formerly Tracdat): You now can access Improve via the  single sign-on.  As such, your user account name is the first part of your district e-mail address (e.g., wongk) and your usual password for other district functions. 

Improve (formerly Tracdat) Resources

In addition to seeking help from Improve users within your Division, contact Karen Wong at x 4369 if you have questions.

improve for Instruction

Improve for Student Services

Departmental Improve Coordinators

When you need to upload any SLOs, assessment plans, instruments, data, data analysis, and/or action plans, please contact your department's Improve Coordinator. If your department does not have a coordinator, see your Dean and/or be the coordinator that your department needs!


Academic Support and Learning Technology

Department Coordinator(s)
Learning Center       De Barra
Library Nocito

Business, Education & Professional Programs

Department Coordinator(s)
Accounting Whitten, Zhang
Automotive Technology Broxholm, Behravesh, Glayzer, Johnson, Parra
Business Computer Systems  McCarthy, Corzonkoff (Office Asst. & Mgmt.), Weeks (Multimedia) 
Business, Entrepreneurship, and Small Business Management Pate, McCarthy, Beltran
Cosmetology  Ryan, Calderon, Richardson, Ledesma, Cole, Rierson
Education/ Child Development  Brower, Browne
Hospitality & Tourism Management  McCarthy, Beltran
Real Estate Nuttal
Wellness Wimmer

Global Learning Programs & Services  

Department Coordinator(s)
International Trade and Logistics  Lewis, Waldon 

Kinesiology/ Athletics/ Dance

Department Coordinator(s)
ADAP, FITN, INDV, TEAM, PE         Fosberg, Morello, Corsiglia, Brunicardi
Dance Steele, Morello, Brunicardi

Language Arts

Department      Coordinator(s)
Communications                                 Hurless, Powell
English Cross
ESOL Struss, Shaw
Journalism  Kaplan-Biegel 
World Languages Castro, Gazulla, Alvarez, Sanchez

Science/ Math/ Technology



(Wong-Conway also assists with many depts.)

Anesthesia Technology                                                          Alejandro- Harper, Rodriguez
Biology Case, Bookstaff, Kapp
Biotechnology Folsom, Bookstaff, Kapp 
Chemistry Rivera- Contreras, Bates
Earth Sciences/ Environmental Science and Technology Anttila-Suarez
Emergency Medical Care Crawford, Rodriguez
Engineering/ Computer Science Langhoff
Health Sciences Wong-Conway
Interdisciplinary Studies (Letters & Science) Anttila-Suarez, Wong-Conway
Interdisciplinary Studies (Social & Natural Science) Case, Wong-Conway
Mathematics Hasson, Hough, Leach 
Natural Science Case
Network Engineering Technologies/ Computer Science Del Prado, Hanley
Physics/ Astronomy Hein, Langhoff, Grist
Respiratory Care Rodriguez, Daniel, Hernandez, Tariq
Surgical Tech Erskine, Rodriguez

Social Sciences/ Creative Arts

Department Coordinator(s)
Administration of Justice Aurilio
Anthropology Slicton, Skovgaard
Art & Film Schmierer, Bridenbaugh, Esfahani, Takayama
Digital Media Sanchez
Drama Skovgaard
Economics Suzuki
Geography Cunningham
History Skovgaard, Bell, Buckingham, Popal, Ulloa, Wong 
Interdisciplinary Studies (Arts & Humanities) Schmierer
Interdisciplinary Studies (Social & Behavioral Sciences) ?
International Studies Skovgaard
Music Navari
Paralegal Raskin
Philosophy Colombetti
Political Science Diamond, Skovgaard
Psychology Merrill-Sinarle, Perisho, Jackson
Social Justice Studies Fabian
Social Science Skovgaard
Sociology Fabian, Skovgaard

Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development

Department Coordinator(s)
Co-op Education          Adams

Student Services

Department Coordinator(s)
Admissions & Records Lorenzo
Assessment Center Lee
Calworks ?
Career Services Zanassi, Thompson
Center for Student Life and Leadership Development Gubatina, Samn
Child Development Lab Center Watts
Counseling Program Thomas, DeMello, Komadina
Disability Resources Center Matthews, Saccio- Kent, Truglio
EOPS/ CARE Espinueva, DeMello, Alonzo
Financial Aid Flores
Guardian Scholars Program ?
Guided Pathways Hernandez
Health Center Risk, Batista 
International Student Program ?
Outreach Program Evangelista
Personal Counseling LLamas
SparkPoint at Skyline College Thompson, Lopez
Transfer Center Jovel (nee Perez), Escobar, DeMello


  • Jump Start
  • Summer Scholars Institute
Veterans Resource Center Ciardella 


Direct Improve Access

If you'd like to have direct Improve access, please consult with your dean, who can make the request to Karen Wong. Once you have a user account, you're strongly advised to attend an Improve workshop and/or to work with someone in your Division who is an experienced user.