The Social Justice League Learning Community is designed for TRiO, the Guardian Scholars program and for students who want to learn how to use their education to address social justice issues in their communities.

The Social Justice League combines Math, English and Communications courses to study real-world social issues, such as poverty, homelessness, equality, food security, environment preservation, and women's rights, among others. Students will learn how to ask critical questions, research real-life problems, and effectively communicate research through writing and public speaking. They will become empowered to create global change and justice for all. 

What the Social Justice League offers:

  • A support system to help you over the hurdles of collegiate life
  • Contextualized learning environment
  • Linked courses
  • Leadership development
  • Student-centric activities (e.g. speakers)
  • Social and environment rights events
  • Transfer information and student success skills
  • Writing skills and one-on-one tutoring essential to college success