The Field

Studying language teaches students to broaden their horizons and interpret the world through alternative perspectives. Language deeply affects the way we think about ourselves and how we communicate and interact with others, helping to build connection and understanding as part of a basic liberal education.

In order to succeed in the World Language program students will need to develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills and foster a curiosity and passion for other cultures and peoples.

The World Languages Program at Skyline College

Skyline College’s World Languages Program offers a variety of languages that serve our constantly changing Bay Area community and our students. Language courses offer a unique opportunity for students to challenge themselves to expand their worlds and enrich their lives. Students can choose courses from the following languages:

Associate of Arts Degree:

Individual Courses:

  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • Filipino

Career Outlook

Being able to speak and understand a foreign language makes job candidates more desirable for careers in almost any field, demonstrating a broad education attractive to prospective employers.

A degree in a language creates gateways into a variety of career trajectories including translation services, marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, foreign service, and government, all of which directly or indirectly benefit from the global perspectives personified by foreign language speakers.

Salary ranges for jobs within these trajectories vary greatly. For example, Public Relations professionals in California make an average of $81,840, while interpreters and translators in California make an average of $73,490 according to the US Department of Labor.