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Skyline makes it possible to achieve all of your educational goals! Whether you are interested in automotive technology, accounting, computers or cosmetology, business or biomanufacturing — or even if you're not sure what you want to do — we have certificate and degree programs that can lead to a successful, productive and fulfilling future. You will benefit from Skyline College's individualized attention and an extensive array of student support services.

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Business: Lawyer's Assistant (Ended Spring 2014)

Below, you can find the courses you need to take to complete your degree or certificate program.

Requirements below should be used as a guide only. Current students should consult DegreeWorks for their specific requirements based on their catalog rights. Degreeworks Report
Goal Certificate of Achievement (CB)
Catalog Rights Academic Year 2013-2014
Lawyer's Assistant - Skyline - cert
Minimum Credits Required: 26
Required Courses
Integration of MS Office Applications
1 Credit in BCM. 201 or CAOT 201
Business Communications
3 Credits in BUS. 401
Select BUS. 443 or LEGL 443
3 Credits in BUS. 443 or LEGL 443
Select BUS. 445 or LEGL 445
3 Credits in BUS. 445 or LEGL 445
Legal Research
3 Credits in LEGL 250
Principles of Civil & Administrative Process
3 Credits in LEGL 252
Group A: Minimum of 5 Units From the Following
5 Credits in BCM. 214 or 215 or 222 or 223 or 225 or 226 or 230 or 231 or 400 or CAOT 214 or 215 or 222 or 223 or 225 or 226 or 230 or 231 or 400
Group B: Minimum of 5 Units From the following
5 Credits in ACTG 194 or BCM. 101 or 400 or BUS. 670 or CAOT 101 or 400 or COMM 130 or LEGL 240 or 245

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