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Upcoming Programs


A STEM math program is being designed for students to improve foundational math skills through contextualized learning and hands-on activities. Students will learn math related to three major areas: biotechnology, sustainable construction, and engineering. Adult school instructors and Skyline College instructors are currently working together to establish the curriculum so that students will have a successful and meaningful learning experience. Students will be introduced to the math concepts and vocabulary in those fields and will have an opportunity to explore related careers and jobs.

If you work in these industries and would like to participate in the design of, or feedback in, the curriculum, please email Stacy Nojima

If you are a current adult school student or prospective student that is interested in participating in the pilot class, please email Stacy Nojima

Adults with Disabilities

ACCEL recognizes the importance of providing adults with disabilities support and clear pathways toward their future. ACCEL is currently working with existing programs and exploring the possibility of building additional programs to support adults with disabilities.

Current students at Skyline College can receive guidance through the Disability Resource Center.

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 22, who have not received a diploma, can participate in South San Francisco Adult Transition Program or Jefferson Adult Transition Program. These programs, support students, particularly with developmental disabilities, as they engage with their community or pursue employment. The program also offers concurrent enrollment so that students can take classes at Skyline College.

Collaboration between Caminar, College of San Mateo, County of San Mateo, and Skyline College has produced a new program offering—FutureVIEWS. Designed as a series of free workshops and held at Skyline College, participants receive support toward their vocational and/or educational goals with an emphasis on assisting students with mental and emotional needs as they enter into higher education.  

With children, youth, adult, and family programs, Gatepath also provides a wide array of resources for community engagement, employment, and education.  

If you are interested in these programs or need assistance connecting to these resources, please email Stacy Nojima