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Steering Committee 2011 - 2013

Committee Position Name Classification
Co-chair Donna Bestock Administrator
Co-chair (2011-2012) Fermin Irigoyen Faculty
Co-chair (2012-2013) Christine Roumbanis Faculty
ALO  (2011-2012) Robert Johnstone Administrator/Researcher
ALO (2012-2013) Sarah Perkins Administrator
President of College Regina Stanback-Stroud Administrator
Student representative Jose Luis Sanchez Student
Classified representative  Linda Allen Classified
Editor Nancy Kaplan-Biegel Faculty
Resource Manager Dennis Wolbers Faculty
Facilities representative Patty Della Bona Classified
St. I co-chair David Ulate Administrator
St. I co-chair Crystal Shetaya Classified
St. II co-chair (2011-2012) Mike Williamson Administrator
St. II co-chair (2012-2013) Ray Hernandez Administrator
St. II co-chair Leigh Anne Sippel Faculty
St. II co-chair Melissa Komadina Faculty
St. III co-chair Joe Morello Administrator
St. III co-chair Pat Carter Classified
St. IV co-chair (2011-2012) Connie Beringer Administrator
St. IV co-chair (2012-2013) Don Carlson Administrator
St. IV co-chair Tiffany Schmierer Faculty
St. IV co-chair (2011-2012) Regina Morrison Administrator