Five Steps to Successful Enrollment

New/Former Students

You must select one of the following five educational goals on your application before you register for your classes.

  1. Obtain an Associate Degree
  2. Earn a Vocational Certificate
  3. Transfer to a four-year college or university
  4. Improve your English, reading or math skills
  5. Discover career interests or prepare for a new career
  6. Undecided about your major (goal)

Steps to Enrollment

steps for enrollment
  1. Apply for Admission

    Admissions & Records, Building 2, Room 2225, (650) 738-4252

  2. Assessment / Placement

    Assessment Center, Building 2, (650) 738-4150

    Take the placement tests; refer to page 7 for information about placement tests. Some students may be exempt from placement testing.

  3. New Student Orientation

    One-Stop Information Center, Building 2, (650) 738-4465

    Orientation will provide you with information about registration procedures, college policies, student services, academic expectations, and information on how toaccomplish your educational goals. Refer to page 8 for information regarding in-person and online orientation options.

  4. Make an Appointment with a Counselor

    Counseling Division, Building 2, (650) 738-4317

    A Counselor will discuss your placement results and help you select appropriatecourses for the coming semester based on your educational and career goals.

  5. Register for Classes

    Submit your completed Enrollment Ticket to Admissions & Records. You will receive your registration date. Use WebSMART online to register for classes, pay fees, view grades, and much more! If you have questions, call the Admissions & Records Office at (650) 738-4251.

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