Tips for Success

If your GPA at Skyline College is at least

  • 3.5: You are eligible for the Honor Society and the National Dean's List.
  • 3.3: You are on the Skyline College Dean's List.
  • 3.3: You graduate with Honors.

Make the most of your Skyline College experience

Get to know your professors

  • Visit your professors outside of class.
  • Discuss ideas for term papers and class projects with your professors.
  • Discuss your career plans and ambitions with your professors.

Be an active learner

  • Take notes in class.
  • Participate in classroom discussions.
  • Study two hours each week for every hour in class.
  • Write summaries of major points and information in your textbook and notes.
  • Form study groups to explain material to another student.
  • Do additional reading on topics that were introduced and discussed in class.

Use Counseling Services

  • Talk with a counselor at least once a semester.
  • Seek help from a counselor if you experience any difficulties that affect your academic performance.

Use the Library

  • Learn to use the electronic references in the Library.
  • Take introduction to Library Resources, LSCI 100 or LSI 105.

Improve your skills

  • Take classes to develop effective reading and writing skills.
  • Use a dictionary or thesaurus to look up proper word meanings.
  • Make use of the writing and math assistance labs in The Learning Center.

Take advantage of College Support Services

  • Visit the Career Center and Transfer Center.
  • Seek help from tutors in The The Learning Center.

Get to know other students

  • Make friends with students whose ages, ethnic backgrounds, and interests are different from yours.
  • Join a club.
  • Form study groups with other students in your classes.

Participate in cultural and current events

  • Attend art exhibits, concerts, lectures, and other college activities.
  • Talk about art, music, theater, and current events with other students.
  • Read and discuss the opinions of editorials and critics.

If your GPA is below 2.0

  • You will be placed on Academic Probation if you have attempted at least 12 semester units and earned a GPA below 2.0 in all units graded or if more than 50% of all units graded are W, I, and NC. A student on probation for more than 2 consecutive semesters may be subject to dismissal. For more information, see the Student Handbook.
  • The Student Success Program is designed to assist students on probation or dismissal status to promote their academic success.

Read and follow these study tips.

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