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Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 24 units of program required courses which includes a minimum of six units of a major Asian language acquisition and 15 units of program core courses and a minimum of three units of elective courses will receive a certificate in Asian Studies. Additionally, students will be awarded an A.A. degree in Asian Studies when they complete the Associate Degree requirements of a minimum of 60 units of course work. In conjunction with the integrated courses in language, commerce and culture, students will have an option to participate in a 2-week intensive study abroad program in China.

  • Language and language-related courses (6 units)
  • Asian commerce, culture, and economy courses (18 units)

A. Core Courses (15 units)

Students must take 15 units of electives listed under the major.


BUS. 248 Asian Management Systems 3.0

BUS. 468 Asia in the World Today 3.0

ECON 310 Political Economy of Asia 3.0

HIST 432 Modern Asian Civilizations 3.0

SOCI 341 Asian Cultures and Societies 3.0

B. Electives (3 units)

Students must take 3 units of electives listed under the major.


ART 105 Art of Asia and Near East 3.0

BUS. 241 Doing Business in Asia 1.5

BUS. 221 Intercultural Business Communication 1.5

BUS. 200 International Businesses 3.0

BUS. 246 Doing Business in China 3.0

BUS 680 SB Study Abroad in China 3.0

ENGL 265 Asian American Literature 3.0

GEOG 110 Cultural Geography 3.0

HIST 430 Early Asian Civilizations 3.0

HIST 453 History of China 3.0

PHIL 320 Asian Philosophy 3.0

PLSC 130 International Relations 3.0

SOCI 432 Chinese Culture and Society 3.0

C. Language Proficiency (6 units)

Students must demonstrate proficiency at a level equivalent to two semesters of a major Asian language. The following courses are available at Skyline College to fulfill the proficiency requirements:


CHIN 111 Elementary Chinese 3.0

CHIN 112 Elementary Chinese 3.0

CHIN 121 Advanced Elementary Chinese 3.0

CHIN 122 Advanced Elementary Chinese 3.0

CHIN 130 Intermediate Chinese 5.0

CHIN 115 Basic Business Chinese 3.0

JAPN 111Elementary Japanese 3.0

JAPN 112 Elementary Japanese 3.0

JAPN 121 Intermediate Japanese 3.0

JAPN 115 Basic Business Japanese 3.0

FILI 110 Elementary Pilipino 5.0

FILI 111 Elementary Filipino I 3.0

FILI 112 Elementary Filipino II 3.0

FILI 120 Advanced Elementary Filipino 5.0

FILI 121 Advanced Elementary Filipino I 3.0

FILI 122 Advanced Elementary Filipino II 3.0

Total Core & Required Units for the Major 24.0

Specific Area and General Education Requirements for an Associate of Arts Degree

Specific Area Requirements (18 units)

American History and Institutions (6 units)

English (6 units)

Physical Education (Activity courses) (3 units)

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity (3 units)

General Education Requirements (18 units)

Natural Science (3 units)

Humanities (3 units)

Social Science (3 units)

Language and Rationality (6 units)

Personal Development (3 units)

At least 60 units is required to fulfill the Asian Study Program Requirements

(Major requirements, Specific Area Requirements and General Education Requirements)

Certificate Programs

The two certificates in the Asian Studies program are the Asian Studies Certificate and the Chinese Studies Certificate which are listed below with brief descriptions:

Asian Studies Certificate

The Asian Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program that allows students interested in Asia to utilize Skyline College's course offerings in various divisions to build an interdisciplinary program leading to a certificate. Students choosing the Asian Studies Certificate combine a Skyline College disciplinary major (such as business, Chinese language, history or political science) with Asian Studies courses which prepares them for a career related to Asia. In addition to coordinating Asia related courses in various divisions, the Asian Studies Certificate Program offers language and culture, and business courses. The interdisciplinary nature of the program can accommodate students with a wide variety of interests. Our program also includes options to participate in our Study Abroad in China Program.