ASTEP Support Network

Linda Allen (Staff Assistant)

Student Services - DSPS Skyline

Christopher Collins (Instructor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - History Skyline

Brian Daniel (Associate Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - RPTH Skyline

Chanel Daniels (Instructional Aide II/Adjunct Instructor)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - The Learning Center Skyline

Kevin Davis (Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - Biology Skyline

Timothy Dupre (Counselor/Instructor)

Student Services - Counseling Skyline

Keisha Ford (Visual Communications Coordinator)

President's Office - Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Skyline

Gwendolyn Fuller (Instructor)

Language Arts - English Skyline

Kymberly Jackson (Instructor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Music Skyline

Kim Jackson (Coordinator)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Cosmetology/Wellness Program Skyline

Brian Jenney (Counseling Resources/Counseling Aide)

Student Services - Career and Transfer Center Skyline

Raymond Jones (Interim Director of Middle College)

Language Arts - Middle College Skyline

Carmen Richardson (Professor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Cosmetology Skyline

Pcyeta Stroud (Project Director, Bay Area Entrepreneur Center of Skylne College)

Global Learning Programs - BAEC Skyline

Kathleen Tshifunda (Office Assistant II)

President's Office - President's Office Skyline

Bessie Vaughns (Instructor)

Language Arts - English Skyline


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