ASTEP Vision

ASTEP Mission Statement:

Provide an academic learning environment that encourages African-American students to achieve academic success, pursue career goals, and contribute to self, family and community.

ASTEP Vision Statement:

Creating a diverse community of educators working collectively to inspire students' intellectual achievements through cultural, social, economic and personal fulfillment.

ASTEP Value Statement:

Education is our passport into a democratic society of civility, truth, and reciprocity.


ASTEP Objectives

  • Make sure every ASTEP student receives an AA/AS degree and transfers to a four year college or university.
  • Provide student services to ensure academic success.
  • Negotiate peer support for achievement.
  • Providing cultural and enrichment activities.
  • Develop political acumen for success and professional setting, in which they are racially under-represented.
  • Develop a strong black identity, that produces leadership and activism within their communities.
  • Acquire social capital and access to resources, politically wealthy persons, organizations and exclusive networks.
  • Craft productive responses to stereotypes.
  • Overcome previous educational and socio-economic disadvantages.

ASTEP Student Success Goals

  • 84% of ASTEP students will demonstrate initiative and individual responsibility to persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year.
  • 85% of ASTEP students will maintain good academic standing (2.00 GPA) per semester with greater than 67% completion rate.
  • 20% of ASTEP students will graduate with an associate degree or certificate within four years AND will transfer to a four year institution.


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