Committee Members 2012-2013

Members of the College Budget Committee (CBC) include the following: the Vice Presidents of the College, one dean from instruction, and one dean from student services, the Academic Senate President, two faculty members from each college division including student services, appointed by the Academic Senate, three classified staff appointed by the Classified Council, and 2 students appointed by the ASSC.

Eloisa Briones (Vice President, Administrative Services)

VP Administrative Services - VP Administrative Services Skyline

Leigh Anne Shaw (Professor/Faculty Coordinator for ELI Program)

Language Arts - ESOL Skyline

Eric Brenner (Librarian)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Library Skyline

Nohel Corral (Counselor)

Student Services - Counseling Skyline

Richard Escalambre (Retiree)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Automotive Skyline

Kathleen Feinblum (Professor)

Language Arts - English Skyline

Michael Fitzgerald (Professor)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Kinesiology|Athletics Skyline

Kathy Fitzpatrick (Division Assistant)

Social Science|Creative Arts - Division Office Skyline

Christopher Gibson (Associate Professor)

Language Arts - English Skyline

Mary Gutierrez (Dean of Language Arts/Learning Resources)

Language Arts - Language Arts Division Skyline

Nathan Jones (Associate Professor)

Language Arts - English Skyline

Barbara Lamson (Financial Analyst)

Operations - Operations Skyline

Evan Leach (Professor)

Science|Math|Technology - Math Skyline

Dino Nomicos (Professor and Head Baseball Coach)

Kinesiology|Athletics|Dance - Baseball Skyline

Jesse Raskin (Associate Professor)

Social Science|Creative Arts - Legal Skyline

Pcyeta Stroud (Project Director, Bay Area Entrepreneur Center of Skylne College)

Global Learning Programs - BAEC Skyline

Linda Whitten (Professor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Accounting Skyline

Soodi Zamani (Professor)

Science|Math|Technology - Math Skyline

Nina Floro (Professor/Coordinator, Professional Development)

Language Arts - English Skyline

Regina Stanback Stroud (College President)

President's Office - President's Office Skyline

Andrea Garcia and Nichole Palmer are the ASSC Representatives.

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