The Career Advancement Academy (CAA) at Skyline College is a series of industry specific courses and support systems that create bridges to higher-wage careers and paths to additional opportunities in higher education. 

CAA Program Descriptions

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By partnering with the community, the CAA benefits both students and employers alike: giving graduates advanced skills and their potential employers a capable, specialized workforce from which to hire. The CAA helps students pursue their desired career path by identifying clear points of entry and providing relevant job certification through industry recognized certificates. 

This means:

  • Hands-on classroom instruction
  • Additional support from faculty and staff
  • Achieving college credit, technical certificates, and job readiness skills


Students can be prepared for today’s competitive job market by engaging in learning opportunities beyond the classroom, including: job certification training and college readiness courses. 


We are located in Building 1 Room 1311

While the CAA is open to all, it may be most beneficial for those who:

  • Are between 18-30 years of age
  • Have no or limited college experience
  • Desire to improve reading, writing and mathematical skills
  • Want to advance job skills
  • Are Women, returning veterans and/or re-entry students
  • Want to increase your earning potential

We currently have CAAs for: Automotive, Early Childhood Education, Paralegal and Allied Health.


Please contact Soledad McCarthy or Lorraine DeMello for more information.

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