Career Advancement Academies at Skyline College

Get started on a path to higher-wage careers and opportunities in higher education.

The Career Advancement Academy (CAA) at Skyline College is designed to prepare you for today’s competitive job market by providing relevant job skills through industry-recognized certificates. You can expect to achieve college credit, technical certificates and advanced skills through hands-on classroom instruction and specialized support from faculty and staff.

Choose a program in one of four areas:

  • Allied Health
    • Earn a Healthcare certificate and start working in as little as two semesters. Enjoy a supportive learning environment with a dedicated counselor and prepare for a career in a variety of Allied Health areas.
  • Automotive
    • In one semester you get the necessary skills to begin a career in the automotive industry, including tire inspection, oil and filter changes, safety inspections, tire mount and balance and much more.
  • Legal Careers
    • Join the Legal Careers CAA program for a challenging and supportive academic experience that will help you develop the professional skills you need to excel as a paralegal
  • Early Childhood Education
    • Gain hands-on learning experience at Skyline College’s Child Development Center and earn a Career Certificate in one semester that will prepare you for occupations in a variety of education settings.


Apply to a CAA of your choice via the CAA Online Application

Applications are due in August and December of each year for Allied Health, Automotive and ECE. Applications for Legal Careers are due in August of each year. You will need to enroll as a Skyline College student before you can apply to the CAA program. Once enrolled at Skyline College, you should fill out the CAA Online Application.

Once the CAA Online Application is completed, please schedule a Placement Test so that we can assess your English and math skills.

Once your placement test is complete, and the deadline for applications has passed, you will be notified of your acceptance into the CAA program that you selected.

Connected Directly with Employers

The CAA partners with the community and employers to create programs that develop a capable, educated and specialized workforce from which to hire. That means you’ll develop the specialized skills you’ll need to excel in the workforce within your given CAA pathway. You’ll engage in learning opportunities beyond the classroom to ensure you’re prepared for an enriching career or further higher education.

Successfully receiving your certification lets employers know that you have achieved basic and some advanced competencies that make you an attractive job candidate.


Please contact Jeremy Evangelista or for more information.

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