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Earning an industry-recognized certification is the first step to launching your career. The CAA pathways are designed for clear entry and exits for both college and career through the certificate programs. Successfully receiving your certification lets employers know that you have achieved basic and some advanced competencies that make you an attractive job candidate. That is why our programs in Automotive and Allied Health are designed specifically for your success.

What students say about CAA:


The program is very helpful. The CAA has helped me be a better student by the courses they offer. In the program, everyone gets along and helps one another to comprehend more about what we’re learning.
- Daniel Lopez


My experience in this program has been a good one. All of the teachers are extremely helpful and the program itself has given me some direction. The teachers help students stay on track and are extremely flexible and helpful.
- Jonathan Burnosic


The CAA program has helped in a lot of ways, like support, financially and mentally. I’ve learn a lot from 3K inspections and how an engine works. I’ve also learn more English. Mr. Jarrod Fienner has taught me really good ways to start an essay. The CAA program is very helpful.
- Oscar C


My experience in me CAA program has been great! My teachers are amazing, they’re in love with what they do, and for that I learn more because they love teaching us. My classmates are pretty awesome too. I enjoy the majority of them!! I can’t wait to continue on to the generic program.
- Jessica Martin


Before I had heard about the CAA, I had no hope of making it back to school. My daughter was born this year and we were just scraping by. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to do better for my daughter and me. Thank you.
- Moriali Esswein


The CAA has been a life saver for me. I’m a single mother that was laid off with no education under my belt. I’ve always dreamt of working in the health field. But, in order for me to get into the surgical tech program it would take me 2-years to be able to apply to the program on top of the 1 year program. And, I was working a dead end job to pass the time and pay the bills. Thanks to this fantastic program I will be working in less than 2-years and actually starting my career vs. a job. I’m also setting a great example for my son to go straight into college once he’s done with high school. CAA has given me great resources to help me not struggle through these hard times. They also have helped me to believe in my goals and dream.
- Shannon Fox


My experience with the CAA has been amazing. I love all my instructors. I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I’m taking advantage of all the benefits. I am so grateful and fortunate to be a part of this program, it is a fantastic opportunity.
- Gelina Aquilina


My experience with CAA has been the most outstanding in all my thirty six years. The people who have helped me get in such as Soledad, is one of the best. All my instructors have been so good. They make it easy to learn. You actually want to come to class, and not miss a day. I’ve wanted to attend college for years. But being a single mother of three kids meant I’d be taking a lot of trips to try to set up all the appointments and start attendance. However, the day I came to enroll my daughter, Soledad mentioned the Auto Tech program. I showed interest and I was handed a schedule. My daughter and I both started the following Monday! Now I have been telling everyone I know who can be helped and want to go to school. Thanks Soledad!
- Sherrie Parker


My experience with Career Advancement Program has been a joyful. The teachers have been wonderful, as well as, the teaching methods to help us better understand our work. Moreover, it has been amazing and I look forward to learning more. Additionally, Jarrod Feiner is no mortal man. He is a God, not a king amongst us.
- Jesse Phillips


When I felt I couldn’t find a way to go to school, the CAA program was there with open arms and kind people. The support you get from the program will make you feel like you won’t get let down.
- Petra Becerra


I cannot say enough about the Career Advancement Academy. I wanted help to look for a job. My dream was to go back to school, but I didn’t feel I had the right to go back to school. Being a single mother of two small sons, I felt as though I had been blessed by God. I am here! I am excited about my future success, as CAA helps me, guides me, and supports me every step of the way! In less than a year I will have a new career.
- Maryann Hines


All the teachers and everyone else are very kind and helpful. The auto CAA is a great program, too bad it’s only for this semester.
- Jeffrey Cortez


The Career Advancement Academy has been a really positive experience for me. The program allows me to focus on building a future for myself without the worries of how am I going to pay for it all. CAA has paid for all of my classes materials and books this is so helpful to me and I will be forever grateful.
- Salina Bourne


Being in the Career Advancement Academy at Skyline College has been very exciting, great and very wonderful. I want my son to join it next year. I highly recommend it.
- Margaret Valdemoso


Since I have been enrolled in the program I have really enjoyed a positive experience. The teachers and support staff have been outstanding in their support and feedback towards my success in this program, every question answered, every issue resolved to the highest degree. This is an outstanding program and I look forward to its completion.
- Robert Posey


My experience in the allied health program has been a positive. I have learned so much within the little time I have been in the program. The teachers are nice and know how to teach while making class fun. I am happy to be a member in this program.
- Dija Jones


My time in the career advancement academy so far has started to provide me with since of importance and belonging that I have been looking for at Skyline College the counselors have been really helpful and have made it a relatively easy transition into a program which demands so much!
- Tye Phillips


I feel really nice to have enrolled in this program. It’s also the first time that I felt emotional about continuing to come to school and staying.
- Margarita Bastados


My experience with the Bridge Program has been very positive. It has helped me with my goals and given me all the resources and tools to achieve them. The staff is very supportive and knowledgeable. They motivate you while also showing us how to discover self-motivation along with accepting personal responsibility for our goals. If this program was not in place I personally do not know if my goal/dreams would be attainable.
- Dailine Kagha


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