The Career Services Center offers a wide variety of services and resources to assist individuals with their career choices. Whether you are interested in a short or long term career plan, the Career Services Center will assist you in developing a personalized plan that addresses your specific career needs. Our commitment is to provide a supportive environment where you are encouraged to exercise your career options. The following list of Career Services are available to all registered Skyline students.

Career Action Orientation

Discover all the services offered at the Career Services Center by attending an orientation and a tour. Workshops on specific career issues are held throughout the year.

Faculty and students can request individualized orientations by contacting (650)738-4337. A minimum of at least 2 weeks notice is required before your preferred date to determine Career Services Center Staff availability.

Individual & Group Career Counseling

Meet with a Career Counselor to create your personalized career success plan. Schedule an appointment at the Career Services Center.

Career Assessment & Interpretation

Explore various on-line and paper assessment tools. A comprehensive online career assessment package is available to all students registered at Skyline College. Students can take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Strong Interest Inventory to identify their personality, interests and skills. Students meet with a counselor to understand their assessment results.

Print & Video Resource Library

Explore such resources as the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Dictionary of Occupational Titles, Vocational Bibliographies, job search handbooks with interview and resume tips, career videos, job binders with current announcements,salary trends and emerging occupations to help you in your major and career search.

Computerized Career Resources

The Career Services Center has many resources available to enhance your career search, such as:

  • O*Net Online
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Job search handbooks with interview and
    resume tips

Career Fairs & Workshops

Students can network with local employers during two Job and Internship/Volunteer Fairs held annually in the Fall semester. Bay Area employers from diverse fields come to campus to recruit Skyline students and alumni.

Online Job Postings

You may search for employment opportunities in our job binders or on the daily-updated jobs web page, at Meet with Career Services Center staff who can show you where to look online and give you tips on your search.

Career & Life Planning Courses

Take courses in Career and Life Planning. These courses offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge about themselves and to develop techniques for successful educational, career and personal exploration. Courses are listed in the College Catalog and Schedule under "Career and Life Planning". Each semester, numerous sections are offered at various times.


Workshops covering various career related topics including resume writing, interviewing skills and more are scheduled every semester in conjunction with our career fairs. Visit the Career Services Center in Room 1219B or the Career Services Center online for more information.

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