Coming March, 2014


 Do you want to be a part of the Student Government on campus?

Application packets for 2014-2015 are NOW available online

            Download the Application Packet here:

                       ASSC 2014-2015 Elections Candidate Packet

                       ASSC 2014-2015 Elections Student Trustee Packet

                       Campaigning Rules

Available positions are:

- President 

- Vice President

- Commissioner of Publicity

- Commissioner of Finance

- Commissioner of Public Records

- Senators

You can also run for the San Mateo Community College Student Trustee position


Important Dates for 2014:

- March 19 ------------------ Student Trustee Packet Due

- March 26-28 -------------- Voting for Student Trustee

- March 31 ------------------ Student Trustee Results Posted

- April 17 -------------------- Candidate Packet Due (Senators and Executive Board Members)

- April 21 -------------------- Presidential Debate & Meet the Candidates

- April 23-25 ---------------- Online Voting for Senators and Executive Board Members

- April 28 -------------------- Results Posted



Benefits of joining the ASSC:

      -Incredible leadership opportunity

      -Resume Builder

      -Scholarship Opportunities

      -Be the voice of the students

     -Free leadership conference travel to places such as Los Angelas, Palm Springs, and Washington D.C

     -Take all-expense paid leadership retreats to such areas as Yosemite, Tahoe

     -Create new networks and friends

     -Get a step-up for transfers and job opportunities!

     -A chance of a lifetime!


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 Review the Associated Students of Skyline College Constitution.





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