Student Body Fee Waiver Form


The Student Body Fee is optional at Skyline College. The $8.00 dollar Student Body fee helps pay for a number of services and programs like scholarships, activities and events, lectures, clubs, and other programs sponsored by Student Government.


By submitting the below form, you automatically forfeit a Skyline College Student Body ID Card. 

If you would like to waive the fee, please follow these stese steps:

    1. Download, print, and fill out the form labeled "Student Body Fee Waiver Form" below

    2. Bring your filled out form to Building 6 Room 212 and have it signed by the Center for Student Life & Leadership Development Coordinator

    3. Student Life and Leadership Development will then take your signed paper to the Cashier's Office

    4. If you have already paid your bills, the $8.00 will get credited to your account. If you do not plan on returning the following semester, the $8.00 will be sent to you via check after the semester you are waiving is complete.


Student Body Fee Waiver Form


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