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early childhood education students and instructors

Child Development Laboratory Center

The Skyline College Child Development Laboratory Center (CDLC) provides the following childcare services:

  • Child care and early education experiences from 7:30-5:00 PM during the calendar year
  • 3 nutritious meals served daily
  • Observation and assessment of children’s typical development
  • Resources and referrals for a wide variety of supports for children and families
  • Parent information and workshops on topics relevant to families with young children
  • Home-visits and/or conferences to discuss children’s development and school readiness skills


The Skyline College Early Learning and CDLC accepts children ages 2 years until entry into kindergarten for childcare. The program serves the students, staff, and faculty of Skyline College and community families as space allows. Families may be income eligible to receive subsidized child care provided by the State of California. The program also serves families participating in CalWORKs or another alternative payment agency.


The Skyline College Early Learning and CDLC strongly believes that children learn best through trusting relationships, a safe and healthy environment, and an extensive variety of play-based learning experiences. It is with these principles in mind that the staff provides a play-based, emergent curriculum which supports the healthy social-emotional and cognitive development of children necessary for school readiness.

The staff works closely with children and families to create trust through routines and consistency and open communication through daily talks, newsletters, conferences, and parent information workshops. The Skyline College Early Learning and CDLC provides nutritional meals for children and incorporate health and safety practices into our daily routines and play. Our play-based, emergent curriculum includes a wide range of voluntary, intrinsically motivated activities that children actively seek out and engage in learning. The staff follows the interests of the children throughout the school year in order to plan and design activities that are of immediate interest to the children. In this way children determine what and how they learn. This initiative and curiosity are important tools that will support your child throughout their educational experience.

For more information or to get on our Eligibility Waitlist, email or call us at (650) 738-7070.