Serving Working Adults and Lifelong Learners

Skyline College is a convenient place for you to get a great education at an affordable price, in your neighborhood. If you're looking to add to your job skills or start a new career, we have what you are looking for! Check out our programs and the support services available for those juggling busy work, family and life schedules.

Skyline also offers many personal enrichment programs and courses for those of you who just can't stop learning! From art to foreign languages and beyond, our classes offer something for everyone. Take a journey for self-discovery, self-actualization or just for fun.

Community Education Classes

Enjoy the fun of learning ...and making new friends. Consider the many not-for-credit short classes, workshops and activities offered by Community Education for personal enrichment and professional development. The program features over 400 classes in subjects such as arts and science, business and career, computers, languages, dance and fitness, home and garden, music, photography, and financial planning. Classes are affordably priced and conveniently located. Additionally, highly interactive online classes are available 24/7.

View more information on Community Education or call us at (650) 574-6149.

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