Archived Minutes 2007-2008

The Agenda and Minutes from the Curriculum Committee meetings are provided below in Word format. You must have Microsoft Word on your computer to open or access these documents. Click on the link below to open the Agenda or Minutes on the date indicated. Once the document is open, you may print or use File, Save As to save the document on your computer. After viewing a document, click the Back button at the top of your screen to return to this page.

Fall Semester

Agenda Minutes
September 5,2007 September 5,2007
September 19,2007 September 19,2007
October 3,2007(Program Review Workshop) October 3,2007
October 17,2007(Prog Rev Presentations 1) October 17,2007
October 31,2007(Prog Rev Presentations 2) October 31,2007
November 7,2007 November 7,2007
December 5,2007 December 5,2007

Spring Semester

Minutes Agenda
February 6,2008 February 6,2008
February 20,2008 February 20,2008
March 5,2008 March 5,2008
April 2,2008 April 2,2008
April 16,2008(Prog Rev Presentations 3) April 16,2008
April 30,2008(Prog Rev Presentations 4) April 30,2008
May 7,2008 May 7,2008
May 21,2008 May 21,2008

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