High School Programs

Skyline College works closely with high schools throughout the Bay Area to create curriculum for K-12 teachers and students interested in environmental ENVSand sustainability topics. A high school teacher network provides an ongoing support structure for high school teachers who need curriculum assistance in sustainability and clean energy topics.

In partnership with Strategic Energy Innovations, two High School Sustainability Certificates have been created to provide a pathway into the Colleges’ clean energy and green building education programs. Completion of each Certificate provides high school students with the opportunity to earn College credit from the San Mateo Community College District.

Clean Energy

This curriculum articulates to coursework at Skyline College.

  1. Climate Change and Sustainability
  2. Fundamentals of Energy
  3. Tackling Energy Waste
  4. Generating Clean Energy
  5. Towards Zero Energy
  6. Green Collar Workforce

Green Building

Articulates with Green Building Course at Canada College

  1. Sustainability
  2. Intro to Green Building
  3. Green Building Features: Sustainable Sites, Energy Smart Buildings, Water Smart Buildings, Materials, What is in the Air?
  4. Green Building Programs and Initiatives
  5. Green Building Design
  6. Green Collar Workforce

Funding for the High School Sustainability Certificate series and teacher network was provided by a U.S. Department of Labor Community Based Job Training grant and by the U.S. Department of Energy.

To access curriculum, join the teacher network, inquiries regarding articulation. Please see contact at Energy Systems Technology Management (ESTM) department


For information regarding programs for Skyline College programs in partnership with middle schools, go to Expanding Your Horizons.

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