Welcome to Expanding Your Horizons!

Have you thought about what you're going to do after high school or college? Do you dream about an exciting career?

It's time to get started! Most rewarding careers today require some knowledge of science and math.

The next EYH will be Match 12, 2016


Participants "morph" around with their images in the computer lab.

Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science is an all-day conference for 6th through 12th grade girls. Advanced written registration is required because participants select the workshops they will attend.

Students: You can earn college credit for EYH.

Resources for Teachers

In this career conference, you will meet women who use science and math in their careers as well as women in non-traditional careers. These outstanding women are eager to share their career paths with you, to answer your questions, and to encourage you to go for it! During the workshops, you will see for yourself some of the things these women do on the job. You will also learn about promising career opportunities and the training you need to qualify for them.

After 'Expanding Your Horizons' girls say:

  • "It made me start to think about my future."
  • "This conference helped me see other options for what I can do once I'm out of school."
  • "Now, I definitely know what I want to be. Thanks!"

Participants make nylon and "slime" in the chemistry lab.

Expanding Your Horizons is a conference for 6th through 12th grade young women to learn about career opportunities in math and science. Science and math careers are fun, exciting, and rewarding and so is Expanding Your Horizons. Conference participants conduct lab experiments, wire high-tech phone systems, examine microscopic creatures, and design their own computer software. Each girl attends three hands-on workshops during the all-day conference. During the day, the girls participate in a problems and puzzles contest. Contest winners recieve A Day With a Scientist. Expanding Your Horizons has been held at Skyline College annually since 1980. Over 20,000 young women have attended. Expanding Your Horizons is sponsored by the Genentech Foundation for Biomedical Sciences. During the conference, Skyline students escort participants to their sessions. A smaller concurrent program is held for interested adults. The Expanding Your Horizons Planning committee are volunteers who work in science- and math-related fields.

Each year we try to recruit some new planners and presenters for the Expanding Your Horizons Conference at Skyline. Please contact us if you are interested or if you need any additional information: Chris Case or Shari Bookstaff

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