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The First Year Experience Learning Community provides you with:

  1. Smooth transition into college
  2. Clear path toward graduation
  3. Work with students and teachers to help you succeed
  4. Develop support network on campus




For more information about the First Year Experience Learning Community, please email FYE Co-Coordinator and Counselor Will Sapigao or call (650) 738-4147. Also, you can look at the FYE brochure here, it outlines basic information regarding FYE.

What is the First Year Experience Learning Community?

The First Year Experience (FYE) Learning Community is a yearlong program in which a group of students (cohort) stay together in a set sequence of classes. Counseling and case management are linked with Math, English and other required courses to provide a holistic foundation for success. The FYE program is geared toward full-time students who want support transitioning into college-level classes while completing the algebra sequence. The program is also a good choice for those who would like to transfer and/or receive an AA/AS degree as quickly as possible.

All Learning Community Courses (search for FYE on the listings for FYE courses)

To learn more check out our FYE 2013 Video below!

FYE Mission statement

To assist students in successfully completing their first year in college as well as persisting with their academic and career goals.

Student Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program (first year in college), students will:

  1. Learn about themselves and choose career goals related to their values.
  2. Employ interdependence through developing a network of support on campus including peers, faculty and staff.
  3. Be able to think critically across several disciplines, connecting concepts from different courses with the others.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students include anyone placing into both Math 110 and English 828 or 846, and also committing to the entire FYE package of courses.

Who are the instructors?

The instructors in the FYE program are all dedicated to increasing the success of students who normally struggle in the early part of their college education. These teachers have self-selected to be a part of this collaborative program and represent decades of experience at Skyline College.

Why these courses?

The courses were selected by a group of faculty who are well acquainted with the patterns of student success and failure at Skyline College. This set of courses strikes a careful balance of required and transferable units to assist students attain college levels in Math and English. The core of the program is getting students through the required Math sequence and developmental English sequence while establishing foundational knowledge. Students will learn to navigate the educational system, access resources, develop study skills and create a network of learners at the college.

Can a student enroll in some but not all of the courses?

The courses are linked so that a student must enroll in all of them at once. Having a fixed group of students sharing the same academic challenges and building collaborative relationships is a key part of the program. It is required that the student commit to all the courses, see schedule in the link above.

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