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Due to power outages on campus, all evening classes ARE CANCELED and the campus is closed this evening (Jan 16).

Meet the Staff

Jarrod Feiner, Assistant Professor

Language ArtsEnglish Skyline

Jarrod Feiner teaches English at Skyline College with FYE and the Career Advancement Academy (CAA). A father of 3 boys, he previously worked as a mechanic in Commervial HVAC-R. Now, he teaches at the community college he attended. As a student, he learned that Skyline College loves its students; he shares the same affect as an educator at the college. As always, he is glad to see you!

Young Choi, Professor

Science|Math|TechnologyMath Skyline

Cherakah Cunningham, Instructor

Language ArtsCommunication Studies Skyline

Janelle Deunamuno, Counselor

Student ServicesCounseling Skyline

Rika Fabian, Associate Professor

Social Science|Creative ArtsSociology Skyline

Marisa Thigpen, Program Services Coordinator

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesDivision Office Skyline