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High School Students

Start Preparing for College while in High School

Skyline College is here to make your transition from high school to college easy. Through concurrent enrollment opportunities and our Priority Enrollment Program (PEP), you can start preparing for college and experience college life before you graduate from high school.  Getting an early start on your college education can be a great way to ensure your future academic success.

Skyline College offers three primary ways to get a jump start on your college experience: 

Concurrent enrollment students can start taking Skyline College classes as early as the ninth grade and earn both college and high school units at the same time; on top of that, college enrollment fees may be free to high school students who are California residents. In order to enroll at Skyline College, you'll need to follow the steps to enrollment on the concurrent enrollment web page.

Middle College is an alternative education program offered by the South San Francisco Unified School District in collaboration with Skyline College that provides high school students in 11th grade or higher with an exciting and challenging learning environment where they can take control of their own education, complete high school graduation, and begin accumulating college credits all on the Skyline College campus. Students interested in enrolling in Middle College should complete the Steps to Enrollment.

Graduating seniors participating in the Priority Enrollment Program receive priority registration dates at Skyline College for the summer and fall terms, which means PEP students have a higher chance of enrolling in their first-choice classes. Students participating in PEP can complete their enrollment steps, learn about Skyline College's programs and services and select their courses all before finishing their senior year in high school.

During PEP Day, students can expect to:

  • Take their placement test(s)
  • Participate in orientation
  • Meet with a counselor to help select and enroll in courses

2016 PEP Days:

  • Saturday, April 23
  • Saturday, May 14

Jump Start is a six-week summer program designed to help high school students with college potential to upgrade their skills in English, math, critical thinking, and college success skills. The program is held during the Summer Session; beginning June 16 and ending July 24.

Students can expect to:
  • Build foundational skills that enables them to succeed in college level courses.
  • Recieve instruction that is presented in a non-intimidating manner and engages a variety of learning intelligences.
  • Receive opportunities to explore future career paths and related college majors in a realistic context.
  • Be a part of a supportive environment that fosters self-awareness and self-responsibility, sets clear expectations and motivates students to meet challenges.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Student must be a California Resident.
  • Student must be enrolled at a North County high school as a Junior or Senior for Fall 2016.
  • Student should have a grade point average of 2.00 or below.
  • Student must be nominated by a teacher, counselor, or school administrator

Have you taken AP Courses?

Skyline College accepts the Advanced Placement Test. A student may earn up to 6 semester units of baccalaureate credit for each Advanced Placement test of the College Entrance Examination Board on which the student receives a score of 3, 4, or 5. Check out Skyline College’s Exam Credit Policy   for more information and a detailed list of AP Exams.