Field Trips

Change of Class Location

You must notify your Division Office or the Evening Office at least two weeks in advance of your plans to change the location and format of your class off campus and one week in advance of your plans to change the location of your class on campus. Change of Location/Format forms are available in Division offices and the Evening Office for denoting the new location and the purpose of the change. These must be completed in order to insure legal protection for you and the College. Forms must be signed by your Division Dean and the Vice President of Instruction.

Faculty should arrange for students to provide their own transportation to any off-campus location or field trip. Under no circumstances should you transport students in your own vehicle.

The Division Dean or the Evening Secretary will notify faculty regarding the approval or disapproval of the request. Every effort should be made to schedule off-campus activities to minimize student absence from other classes.

Field Trip Approval Form

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