The Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) was created by the College Council in September 2003 and is governed by Charter and By-Laws of the College Council. Working closely with the College Budget Committee to continually integrate budget and planning, the IPC is the primary body responsible to coordinate, communicate and integrate college-wide planning at Skyline College. The IPC takes a leadership role in the development of the Education Master Plan, engages in a comprehensive review of the Mission-Vision-Values and College Goals every three years, and reviews/discusses institutional planning documents including, but not limited to, the Technology Plan, Human Resources Plan, Administrative Leadership and Unit Reviews, program review, and annual planning documents.

In addition, the IPC is the primary body responsible for the development and implementation of the college-wide performance measurement system. Skyline College uses a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as its primary instrument to measure institutional effectiveness and the IPC reviews the BSC not only to discuss institutional performance but to also discuss the outcome measures and benchmarks/goals used. As with all institutional planning, student success is the central focus of the dialogue.

IPC Charge

Strategic Directions