Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about how Leadership Academy (SCLA) works? Check out these frequently asked questions:

Q. Who is eligible to participate in the SCLA program?

A. The SCLA is designed to meet the leadership development needs of Skyline College’s students. Any student who is interested in enhancing their leadership skills is welcome to apply for this prestigious program. There is no GPA requirement.

Q. What is the SCLA?

A. The SCLA is a unique opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. It is designed around the “Seven C’s,” which are components of a Social Change Model of Leadership Development. These “Seven “C’s” are Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, and Citizenship. The program combines workshops that foster leadership development with hands-on service learning in our local community and beyond.

Q. How can I apply?

A. In order to begin your application process, download the SCLA application. The application is also available at the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development in Bldg. 6, room 6212. Follow the instructions provided on the application, and you will be on your way! Please submit your completed application to the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development in Bldg. 6, room 6212.

Q. How much does it cost to participate the SCLA?

A. Nothing; it’s free.

Q. How did the SCLA get started?

A. The Skyline College Leadership Academy was formed in the fall of 2011. The SCLA is the first of its kind at Skyline College whose mission is to bring students and communities together to discuss and explore leadership in unique and innovative ways. The SCLA is a Center for Student Life and Leadership Development project in partnership with the Math/Science/Technology Division, the Language Arts Division, Counseling Services, Student Activities, and the Center for Student and Community Civic Engagement.

Q. Why do we require community service?

A. The SCLA is a program that is focused on cultivating and motivating students to become empowered, socially aware, global citizens. We believe the students in the program will benefit the most if they turn theory and practice into experience.

Q. Do I have to do community service alone?

A. No, you can volunteer as an individual, with your family, friends, with a group from your community, or with the SCLA program.

Q. How long does each workshop last?

A. The majority of our workshops are 60 minutes. Because of student demand, we will also offer two-hour workshops. Check out the workshop descriptions for details.

Q. Where is the workshops schedule located?

A. Click here to access the latest workshop schedule.

Q. What happens if I arrive late or leave early for a workshop?

A. If arriving late, please make sure to sign-in. If you need to leave early, please try to sit near the door for less disruption.

Q. It’s the end of the semester, and I only have six workshops completed. Do you offer any make-up workshops?

A. You have the opportunity to make-up workshops in the following semesters.

Q. Do you offer the same workshops in the fall and spring?

A. While we do repeat some of our workshops for make-up purposes, we will cover different “C’s” each semester.

Q. Does Student Leadership Academy look good on a resume?

A. Absolutely! For tips on how to indicate your participation in this program, please ask the coordinators.

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