How the SCLA Works

The Academy is structured as a two semester-long program which incorporates workshops with purposeful volunteer services designed to promote civic engagement on-campus and in our local communities.

The Seven C’s

The SCLA is a unique opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. It is designed around the “Seven C’s,” which are components of a Social Change Model of Leadership Development. They are:

  1. Consciousness of Self
  2. Congruence
  3. Commitment
  4. Collaboration
  5. Common Purpose
  6. Controversy with Civility
  7. Citizenship

Structure of the SCLA

  • Workshops:

    Each workshop is designed around one of the Seven C’s of Social Change Model. Each student is required to complete two hours of workshops per “C.” If, for some reason, a student has to miss a workshop, she/he will have an option to complete the requirement in the following semester.

  • Journals:

    Students are required to complete and submit/email their journals on time. There will be four to six journals per semester. Each journal entry is designed to help the coordinators connect with the students and follow their level of understanding and engagement within the program. The minimum length requirement of a journal entry is 350 words. Click here to access the latest journal entries.

  • Community Service:

    Community Service is an important part of the Leadership Academy. The SCLA program requires a total of twenty-five hours of community service. We encourage student to step outside of their comfort zone and volunteer off campus.

  • Campus Event:

    All the students in the SCLA program are required to organize one on campus event. Generally, this event will take place in the spring semester. Students will have the chance to propose their ideas for this event.

  • Final Presentation:

    At the end of the spring semester, students will share group presentations at the annual SCLA CHANGE Banquet.

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