Doing Research and Citations

Do research online and learn how to properly cite your sources.

Research and Citation Websites:

Additional Resources:

  • Figurative Language: This website by the University of West Georgia’s uses poems and literature to provide an understanding of similes and different types of metaphors.
  • Telling Fact from Opinion:  This website by Auburn University shows several examples to help students distinguish facts from opinions.
  • Evaluating Web Resources: The Literacy and Education Online of St. Cloud State University provides a focused guide for evaluating what is a good or bad Web Resource.
  • Understanding Plagiarism: Check out Accredited Schools Online for an open-access, expert-driven guide to understanding and avoiding plagiarism
  • Evaluating Print Sources: UNC has a compiled guide for distinguishing reliable print sources from the unreliable.
  • Using Chicago Style: This website by Purdue OWL features examples of how to properly cite web pages, journal articles, books, etc using Chicago Style.

Virtual Libraries:

View a list of online libraries, including Skyline College Library’s resources for research.

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